Compassion in Action

Compassion can be demonstrated in the smallest, simplest gestures, yet can do so much to lift someone up! Purposefully adding compassion to your to-do list can create a ripple effect of smiles, connectedness, and being kind to one another.

Ways to sprinkle compassion into your day

  • Practice compassionate listening. Most of us just want to feel heard. It is a true gift of compassion when someone listens without judging, responding, or offering advice.
  • Offer your full attention. The temptation to multitask is strong; sometimes we may feel that we will fall behind it we are not doing three things at once. Whether it’s a conference call, a video meeting, or a phone call with a family member, be present and notice what happens!
  • Compliment a colleague.
    • Whether it’s a quick email, a message through Microsoft Teams or verbal acknowledgement during a meeting, your kind word may make someone’s day!
    • Want to share words of kindness and appreciation during this challenging time; SHOUT OUTS are a perfect way to spread kindness to your colleagues!
  • Offer someone the benefit of the doubt. People cope with challenging situations, such as the COIVD-19 pandemic, in different ways. As this health crisis continues to evolve, we are all finding our way and doing the best we can. If someone is late for a conference call, seems abrupt during a virtual meeting, or perhaps not answering your emails as quickly as you would like, take a step back and further assess the situation. Offering someone the benefit of the doubt (especially during this tough time), can truly be a gift of compassion.

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