SEBF Dental and Vision

Service Employees Benefit Fund (SEBF) Dental and Vision Plan

(For Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Bargaining Unit employees only)

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SEBF Dental Plan

SEBF offers two subsidized dental options to eligible SEIU employees working at Syracuse University:

  • The Basic Plan provides coverage for examinations, cleanings, space maintainers, X-rays, extractions, periodontics, fillings, oral surgery and endodontics, and adjunctive services.
  • The Comprehensive Plan provides coverage for services in the Basic Plan in addition to coverage for prosthetics such as crowns/caps, bridgework, and full and partial dentures.

All covered procedures are paid in full when you choose a participating dentist. SEBF allows you to choose any licensed dentist; however, reimbursement will be made according to the SEBF Dental Schedule of Benefits if you do not go to a Participating Dentist. Any balance due is your responsibility.

For more information regarding the SEBF plans, please review the SEBF Dental Outline [PDF].

Enrollment in the SEBF Dental Plan is a one-year commitment.

SEBF Vision Plan

You must be enrolled in one of the two SEBF Dental Plan options described above in order to enroll in the SEBF Vision Plan. Vision is not available as a separate option. For specific information about the SEBF Vision Plan see the Davis Vision Optical Outline [PDF].

The benefits are available every 24 months and may NOT be split between In-Network and Out-Of-Network providers. Enrollment in the SEBF Dental and Vision program is a one-year commitment. However, vision benefits may be used only once every 24 months.

Your Cost

  • Most premiums are paid through pre-tax payroll deduction.
  • Contributions listed below are based on the 12-month calendar year. Actual deductions from each paycheck will vary depending upon your deduction cycle.

2024 Monthly Rates

Plan MembersSEBF Basic Dental PlanSEBF Basic Dental Plus Vision PlanSEBF Comprehensive Dental PlanSEBF Comprehensive Dental Plus Vision Plan
EE + 1$43.20$56.02$49.04$61.86

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Contact information for SEBF Dental and Vision

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Fax:  315.701.0686
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