Job Codes for Temporary Employees

The University has specific classifications for the different types of temporary employees who work at the University. The job codes and relevant information are listed in the chart below.

Job CodeEmployee TypeEmployee Type DescriptionExamples
5001 Hourly

5002 Salary
Long-term temp (6 months or longer)More of an established position with an ongoing workload. This group should be reviewed by HR to assess organizational needs and consider best options.Administrative/office support; interim management; project-based work.
5003 Hourly

5004 Salary
Short-term temp (less than 6 months)A position with a workload expected to last for a set period of time.Administrative/office support; interim management; project-based work; Camps; Say Yes to Education; SEIU summer programs.
5005 HourlyCasual Employee (Temporary)Employee does not have a regular schedule but is called upon as needed. Typically does not have many hours in a year (less than 500).Dome ushers; event security; traffic & law enforcement personnel.
5006 HourlySEIU Temporary on AssignmentSEIU employees who hold active primary positions but are temporarily working in another position.Special Physical Plant situations where on short work break from primary job to work in another trade.

Temporary non-student positions must be paid according to the University’s Fair Wage Initiative. Please review the current rates on the Compensation page.

Student job codes will remain the same. Currently the non-Syracuse University students are categorized as temporary employees.

Student Employee Job Codes

Job CodeEmployee TypeEmployee Type Description
7900Syracuse University Student EmployeeRegistered as a Syracuse University student.
7998Non-Syracuse University Student EmployeeNot registered as a Syracuse University student. Will be coded as an hourly employee.

Student employees and temporary summer employees filling traditional student jobs must be paid at least $12.50 per hour, effective Dec. 31, 2020.