Stay connected, stay strong, stay positive!

Let’s share our words of appreciation and gratitude for each other during this challenging time. A SHOUT OUT is intended to identify and recognize individuals or groups for a noteworthy act or effort.

Examples of what might warrant a SHOUT OUT include:

  • Collaborating in new and unique ways
  • Going above and beyond expectations
  • Demonstrating the values of the unit, college, or school
  • Being a positive influence during this uncertain time

We will send the recipient and their supervisor an email letting them know that you shouted them out for an excellent job!


Read the SHOUT OUTS!

A SHOUT OUT to Sarah Allis, Library Technician IV in Learning Commons from Bridget Sheridan

“Shout out to Sarah Allis for her amazing work supporting our team (and the library) through sharing the impact of the Learning Commons through data! Thank you Sarah!!”

A SHOUT OUT to Karen Carnessali, Library Technician IV in Learning Commons from Bridget Sheridan

“Shout out to Karen Carnessali for developing and leading a new team to learn more about the impact of the Learning Commons through data analysis efforts! Thank you Karen!!”

A SHOUT OUT to Keenan LeBlanc, Library Technician IV in Learning Commons from Bridget Sheridan

“Should out to Keenan LeBlanc for helping to develop a new ways to improve our department, and for working towards developing a leisure resource for the community during the pandemic! Thank you Keenan!!”

A SHOUT OUT to Patty Giles, Library Technician IV in Learning Commons from Bridget Sheridan

“Should out to Patty Giles for being committed to continued support for our community during the pandemic through wonderful virtual patron service and excellent creative problem solving – and doing it all while pursuing a PhD! Thank you Patty!!”

A SHOUT OUT to Caitlin Brandle, Library Technician IV in Learning Commons from Bridget Sheridan

“Should out to Caitlin Brandle for her reliable support for both the SU community and our student employees during our transition to remote patron services! Thank you Caitlin!!”

A SHOUT OUT to David Peterson, Library Technician IV in Learning Commons from Bridget Sheridan

“Should out David Peterson for his continued commitment to support the SU community through his virtual reference service! Thank you David!!”

A SHOUT OUT to All of our Student Employees, Student Assistant in Learning Commons from Bridget Sheridan

“Sending a major THANK YOU to all of our student employees in the Learning Commons! You have been resilient, reliable, encouraging, and supportive during a very difficult and stressful time. Our community depends on you to be there to help support their success, and we know you will always rise to the challenge. We acknowledge your hard work and greatly appreciate you! Thank you: Aditya V Austin W Breeann A Conor D Gigi S Greg D Ivy Y Jenny C Jonah C Lauren E Lucas P Mark D Meredith G Olivia S Ted G”

A SHOUT OUT to Jackie Lewis-Frenay, Asst Dir Curric&Academic Srvs in Syracuse Abroad from Nancy Hard

“My husband has COVID-19 and was seriously ill for the month of May. He is still recovering. While he was in the hospital, Jackie chose to pick up my responsibility concerning course-related fees for the Fall 2020 semester. She made my life better without being asked and I’m so thankful for a thoughtful, wise and treasured colleague.”

A SHOUT OUT to Margaret Cortese, Asst Registrar Academic Scheduling in Registrar from Elizabeth

“I wanted to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Meg Cortese for being so accommodating with all the recent changes to AMH’s courses being offered this fall. Thank you MEG… you are the best!”

A SHOUT OUT to Stefan Mazuroski, Computer Consultant in IVMF / OVMA from Gilly Cantor

“While Stefan’s exceptional level of customer service is his status quo, his commitment to continuing to provide responsive and helpful support to the IVMF and OVMA has continued without fail during this stressful time. It has made being 100% virtual more seamless. Working with him always brightens my day! Thank you Stefan!”

A SHOUT OUT to Allison Roth, Advisor in Onward2Opportunity from Paulina Thompson

“Thank YOU for always being so supportive not only of our many learners but always of me and my many questions and issues. You never say no, wait or I don’t have time! I’m not sure where I’d be without you on our team. Thanks for being you!”

A SHOUT OUT to Paulina Thompson, Program Coordinator/Hampton Roads in O2O/IVMF from Karen

“For always being there to help with questions, or support – listening to ideas and helping me refine them. She was my trainer, and has remained as a mentor. Can’t imagine trying to do the job without her there.”

A SHOUT OUT to Rahmin  Azria, Associate Director in Parking & Transit Services from Bridget Yule

“Special shout out to Rahmin Azria for answering my SOS email in regards to a student’s lost phone on one of our centro buses. As centro is not answering their customer service phone line as I was on the line for over 15 minutes with some pretty terrible elevator music, Rahmin responded to my SOS email and then provided me with his cellphone number. I called, he answered and proceeded to try and get in touch with his contacts at Centro. At a time when students, faculty and staff need life lines I am so appreciative on the life line he gave me! Great job! Thanks,Bridget”

A SHOUT OUT to Kelly Miller, Safety Manager in Facilities Services from Erin Schaal

“BIG SHOUT OUT to Kelly Miller, Safety Manager for Facilities Services. She does an amazing job and making sure ALL staff are safe and educated on all safety procedures. She has been working day and night to ensure all are properly trained on COVID-19 procedures. Kelly is a GREAT asset to not only Facilities Services but to Syracuse University. THANK YOU!!”

A SHOUT OUT to Joe Hernon, Director in Emergency Management from Bridget Yule

“Thanks Joe for going the extra mile today to retrieve the information that I needed from submitting the BCP survey. Forgot to copy the survey to send along to our divisional leadership and Joe responded right away and sent me the PDF. I so appreciate the support in time of need! Thank so much! Bridget”

A SHOUT OUT to Isabel Jimenez, Director, Graduate Enrollment Processing in Enrollment Management from Shannon Nanda

“I want to give a BIG thank you to Isabel and her graduate processing center team (Pat, Kristin, Marlene, Dave, and Rita) for their continued support and their ability to adapt and be flexible during this challenging time. This has allowed the Whitman graduate admissions processing to continue with minimal disruption!”

A SHOUT OUT to DPS Officers/CSO’s/RCSO’S/Dispatchers Public Safety, Officers in Public Safety from Mike Toia

“Thank you all in Public Safety for your sacrifice and commitment during these trying times.Stay safe and Be Well”

A SHOUT OUT to Sarah McAndrew, Executive Assistant in Office of the Provost from Laurie Maddaloni

“Thank you Sarah for coordinating Microsoft Teams meetings twice a week for our administrative assistants group. Having regular communications and problem solving with our colleagues that we rely on has helped me feel connected to campus even from home. Thanks Sarah!”

A SHOUT OUT to Disbursements Team, Disbursements in Disbursements from Christopher

“Resilient and attentive this team quickly has evolved in a time of crisis. Supporting University operations on the scale that they do is impressive in general. To do it remotely, that’s awe inspiring. Thank you for all that you guys do!”

A SHOUT OUT to Ryan Bentz, Design & Delivery Specialist; Technology Systems & Services in Advancement & External Relations from colleen bench

“Ryan has been our hero during this challenging time–when we are all trying to work and function remotely, while still trying to do our jobs and serve our constituents well. Not only was Ryan our technical genius in making a virtual Board meeting for over 50 participants work, he has been delivering training sessions, almost daily, for 170+ staff members throughout our Division. Thank you Ryan for your commitment and your efforts that have truly been over the top!”

A SHOUT OUT to Becca LeMunyon, Senior Supervisor, Event & Technical Services in Student Centers & Programming Services from Bridget Yule

“Thank you Becca for the time you have been taking to put together remote workshops, seminars and webinars for our student employees. The amount of research you have put into the list provides important student development for our students which is so relevant to their positions here on campus. Even for our seniors leaving us this May it will be very helpful. In addition helping with the Health and Wellness on line workshops. Appreciate you stepping up for our students.”

A SHOUT OUT to Becki Bruzdzinski, Reservations & Events Manager in Student Centers & Programming Services from Bridget Yule

“Special “thankyou” to Becki for bringing us cloth masks last week! A neighbor is making and donating them to the community. Her daughter Lottie cut out over 300 squares of cloth to help in the effort. I appreciate Becki always thinking of our team and our students especially during this trying time. Thanks,Bridget”

A SHOUT OUT to Whitman IT Team, All in Information Technology from Sara Garvey

“Shout out to the Whitman IT team for jumping quickly in response to the current pandemic and beginning training with all Whitman faculty and staff before we were sent home. They did a fabulous job ensuring we had all the hardware and software we needed loaded onto our computers before we left the building. They have been extremely responsive to any technical issues that have arisen since being at home and work tirelessly to resolve them. Great job team!”

A SHOUT OUT to Tony Pagano, Manager, Facilities & Distribution Services in Facilities Services from Terra Peckskamp

“Tony Pagano and the Move Crew are simply outstanding. Not only have they moved hundreds of students from North to South Campus over the last week, they have done so with a lot of care and concern for our students. Tony always goes the extra mile for anyone who needs assistance and he (and the Move Crew!) are greatly appreciated.”

A SHOUT OUT to Haley Matlock, RD in Student Living from anonymous

“Thanks for helping with everything from Excel spreadsheets to getting students moved to south campus. Your willingness to invest 110% is much appreciated (and noticed).”

A SHOUT OUT to Stacey Royer, Administrative Assistant in Graduate School from Tracy

“Thank you, Stacey! You always start our day with a positive “Team” message! Your joyfulness and positivity in a time like this is reassuring and needed! Thank you for all that you do!”

A SHOUT OUT to Michele Frontale, Pharmacy Manager in Barnes Center, Pharmacy from Anonymous

“Thank you for being the “Tiger Queen” of the Pharmacy. Your devotion and kindness to the students and staff during this high-stress time has been above and beyond. Thank you for keeping the Barnes Center open and functioning.”

A SHOUT OUT to Gaby Garcia, Talent Acquisition Manager in HR from Lindsay

“Thank you for all you’re doing to help keep the Talent Team organized! Spreadsheets, and google docs, and reminders – oh my! All of your hard work has not gone unnoticed! We appreciate you and are lucky to have you on our team.”

A SHOUT OUT to Jim Mennig, Dir HR Shared Services in Human Resources from Mary Ann Kiernan

“This SHOUT OUT! is for Jim and everyone else in HR who is working diligently through this crisis. I sat in a meeting with Jim yesterday and was so pleased to hear how HR has moved ahead of and through this unique, epic time we are all in. What stood out the most to me is how thoughtful the decision making approaches are in considering impact to all of our orange families.”

A SHOUT OUT to ICT Dept. Vega, IT in ICT from Kristi Vega

“The whole ICT team has always done a great job, but they have just proven how outstanding they really are during this time of upheaval. I’d like to extend my thanks and kudos particularly for Tom Fazzio, Matt Coulter and Brian von Knoblauch for their patience, promptness and customer service. THANKS!!!!”

A SHOUT OUT to O2O  Teams, Senior Director, Education & Training in IVMF from Joe V. Aldaz

“Shout Out to the Onward to Opportunity Teams across our great nation! Through their efforts and ability to seamlessly pivot, they have been able to continue to provide a best-in-class career skills training program in a virtual mode. The Onward to Opportunity program continues to function and operate with high fidelity providing instruction and training to nation’s transitioning service members, Veterans, and military spouses to enable them to continue to pursue industry-recognized certifications despite our current “new normal” in a turbulent time. A job well done from our O2O Teams across the country!!”

A SHOUT OUT to Jeff Neal, Executive Director,Direct Response Programs in Philanthropic Engagement, AEA from Jessica Puccia

“I’d love to give a special shout out to Jeff Neal! It takes an extraordinary leader to be able to connect with a team to push forward and get projects done, under these unprecedented circumstances. Jeff perseveres to have a remarkable ability to emotionally connect with the team to make sure we are all ok. He makes sure our families are ok. It’s not just now though, it’s something he’s always done, but I was talking with another teammate and it’s agreed that it’s appreciated now more than ever. His kids even sent cards to my kids! Thank you Jeff- our team, and our family is grateful for you”

A SHOUT OUT to Elena Williams, Assistant Director of Advising in College of Arts & Sciences from Nadine Austin

“Elena, You impress me with the level of caring and commitment you show for and toward your students. You’re a ROCK STAR in my book!”

A SHOUT OUT to College of Law CPOG, College of Law from Craig Boise

“I want to express my deep gratitude to the members of the College of Law Coronavirus Planning and Operations Group (CPOG!) for your hard work, creativity and focus on our mission as we’ve charted a course for the College of Law in the wake of the disruption caused by COVID-19. Thanks to the commitment of each of you – Sarah Collins, Sarah Valenti, Zack Kelley, Keith Bybee, Heidi Hart-Gorman, Sophie Dagenais, Joel Whitney, Jan Fleckenstein, Rob Conrad, Andrew Horsfall, K.C. O’Connor, Denée Page and Ginny Ottman – we are continuing to provide the education our students came to us for and protect their well-being at this highly stressful time.”

A SHOUT OUT to Camille Donabella, Director in Student Employment from Carrie Abbott

“Thank you Camille, Haley Matock, George Athanas, & Janet Hyde (Student Living), Sue Bracy (Food Services) and Brian Pendergast (Office of the Comptroller) for working so hard to provide job opportunities for students during move-out and making sure they were paid appropriately. It took lots of collaboration and team work to make it happen and it made a huge difference to our students! Thank you!”

A SHOUT OUT to Tina Kelly, Supervisor in Cash operations from Anna

“A HUGE SHOUT OUT to an amazing lady! Tina has been pulled in so many different directions throughout this crisis. She remains helpful and knowledgeable as she continues to answer questions and offer guidance not only to myself but to multiple departments throughout the University. There would be a campus of complete confusion if it weren’t for her leadership. Tina you are very appreciated!”

A SHOUT OUT to Katrina Lusk, Program Coordinator in IVMF from Joe V. Aldaz

“Shout Out to my Program Coordinator for Onward to Opportunity Colorado. She has made our program pivot to a virtual delivery model seamless. She has been the lead in mentoring other Program Coordinators across the Onward to Opportunity enterprise in understanding and utilizing Syracuse University’s blackboard collaborate to allow our teams to deliver online instruction and training to our transitioning service members, Veterans, and military spouses across the country. Her selfless efforts have enabled our program to continue to reach our military-connected families despite our current turbulent time and deliver best-in-class career skills training. Job Well Done!”

A SHOUT OUT to Amie Redmond, Senior Assistant Dean in SOE Academic and Student Services from Carol

“A big shout out to Amie Redmond for always putting our School of Education students first, especially with the challenges they are facing at this time. She has also kept her team together and grounded while we are working remotely. Amie is dedicated to our students and her staff and always goes above and beyond.”

A SHOUT OUT to Whitman Career Center Career Advisors, Career Advisors in Whitman Career Center from Sue Clayton

“The Whitman Career Center Career Advisors have been amazing in continuing their availability to the students of Whitman. In trying to keep things as normal as possible during these changing times, they are still meeting with students for appointments and drop ins. This is done via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and phone calls. They have developed a way to continue to offer drop ins on the same days and times as always. The process is going pretty smoothly. Outreach is also being made to their employer partners so as to keep everyone informed about adjustments in 2020 Summer Internships and full time offers. I just wanted them to get a SHOUT OUT! for all the hard work they are doing to continue to assist students with their career goals.”

A SHOUT OUT to Diane Wiener, Research Professor in College of Law from Ian Gallacher

“Thanks to Diane for circulating information about websites providing cultural and entertaining diversions. She’s helped keep our morale up in these difficult times.”

A SHOUT OUT to Celia DiRenzo, Administrative Specialist in Whitman Career Center from Sue Clayton

“I want to give a SHOUT OUT! to Celia DiRenzo. She is the glue that holds the Whitman Career Center together. During this time when we are all apart, she has been crucial in keeping us together by keeping everyone upbeat. Whether it is sharing good mental health tips from webinars she attends or starting a game of trivia in between drop ins on Microsoft Teams. She is such a social person so I know this social distancing is hard on her but she is always there to lift us up or share a smile to keep everyone on track! The Whitman Career Center is very lucky to have such a happy, optimistic team member!”

A SHOUT OUT to Maxwell ICT, The Whole Team in ICT Maxwell from Heather Macknik

“Our WHOLE ICT Department has been FANTASTIC! We have received email responses to all our questions or problems almost immediately, 24/7, since this all started! They have been cool, calm and collected which has given us a sense of calmness as well. We have felt very supported throughout the entire transition to a remote platform. WE APPRECIATE YOU MAXWELL ICT! Keep Up The Good Work!”

A SHOUT OUT to Chuck Merrihew, VP for Administration in AEA from Matt Ter Molen

“Thanks to Chuck and his team for preparing this division so well not only to work remotely, but also to complete and succeed with all work functions. ”

A SHOUT OUT to Devlin Daley, Facilities & Operations Manager in Student Centers & Programming Services from Bridget Yule

“Thank you to Devlin for stepping up to the plate to support our student employees still working with us and those that are working with us remotely. In the last two weeks Devlin has put together the schedule for the Goldstein Student Center and has helped myself and others each time we have had to redirect our efforts at the center. As a new employee with our department, Devlin has demonstrated dedication to our students and to our SCPS Team.! She is always willing to help and answers my phone calls every time I call. Thank you!”

A SHOUT OUT to Rob Pusch, Senior Associate Director in Project Advance from Melanie Nappa-Carroll

“Dear Rob, Thank you for offering your time and assistance to me and our student writing the thesis “Teaching Forensic Science in Concurrent Enrollment Programs.” This is the first thesis I’ve advised and I really appreciate your help with the IRB, designing survey and interview questions. You always go above and beyond and I am very grateful to work with you! Melanie ”

A SHOUT OUT to Paul Smyth, EMS manager in ESE – Health from Michele Frontale

“Thank you for all you do and for being here every day to help take care of the students still on campus. Thank you for helping me deliver medications and supplies to students that are unable to get to us!”

A SHOUT OUT to George Athanas, Director of Residence Life in Office of Student Living from Anonymous

“For doing a lot of amazing behind-the-scenes work to help student moves run as smoothly as possible!”

A SHOUT OUT to Eileen Simmons, Director in Office of Housing, Meal Plan, and ID Card Services from Terra Peckskamp

“Thank you, Eileen, for all of the work you are doing to not only make sure our students transition smoothly to South Campus, but also for all of the work on the refund process and maintaining your fantastic sense of humor!”

A SHOUT OUT to Dave Pennock, Associate Director in Student Centers & Programming Services from Bridget Yule

“Thank you to Dave for answering all my phone calls today which were many. So much going on here at the Goldstein Student Center! Thanks for always picking up my calls and helping me navigate where I need to know. Thank for Sunday and all the cattle rail we moved from Schine to Goldstein Student Center. Always willing to help and pitch in.”

A SHOUT OUT to Onsite staff at Barnes Center at the Arch, Health staff, Nardella, Medical director in Barnes health and wellness center at the Arch from Anonymous

“To the dedicated and caring staff of the Barnes Center Health. This small but mighty group continue to care for the students remaining on or near campus during the current corona pandemic. Thank you for your service. Anonymous ”

A SHOUT OUT to Thai Le, Residence Director in Office of Student Living from Quincy Bufkin

“Shout out for always being a brother I can come to and vent about anything related work or personal life. Also, shout out for willing to help where it is needed. Peace bro!”

A SHOUT OUT to Courtney Albiker, Assistant Director in Office of Student Living from Quincy Bufkin

“Shout out for always letting us know about the protocol and work responsibilities we need to be working on or thinking about. Shout out for always checking in on the staff and giving you support and help.”

A SHOUT OUT to Housing  Team, Rock Stars in Housing, Meal Plan and ID Card Services from Eileen Simmons

“Go Housing, Meal Plan & ID Team! Evelyn Burke, Jacqueline Spears, Maryanne Ross, Kim Mura, Ryan Troup, Joe Plishka, Sheila Fountain, Gill Kanter, Kris Millett you are rocking it with all that you are doing! Assignments from North to South, Implementing process for Room and Meal Plan Credit opportunity, still making ID Cards, answering phones and email and Room Selection will happen soon! No stopping this team from doing all that we do! I’m so proud of each of you! Your dedication to SU is very appreciated!”

A SHOUT OUT to Terra  Peckskamp, Sr. Director in Office of Student Living from Quincy Bufkin

“Shout out to Terra for being a great leader for our department. You have been able to communicate with every employee, no matter their job level. You have been able to go above and beyond the call of duty by constantly answering our different and sometimes frustrating questions. You always have our backs and do everything necessary to keep us informed and cared for in the job.”

A SHOUT OUT to Tony Pagano, Manager in Facilites & Operations from Bridget Yule

“Tony Pagano bleeds “orange”! I thank him and the entire staff who is involved in the move of our students to south campus. Not only have these staff people been working night and day to support our students but each time I have called him for help he has been there. Wether it has been a last minute request to move furniture to Bird Library early in the fall to delivering food donations from Hawkins to the food pantry to bringing left over food from BBB to the Goldstein and then delivering to the food pantry. Thank you! We appreciate you and your staff.”

A SHOUT OUT to Mark Tewksbury , Director in Food Services from Anonymous

“Shout out to the hardest working guy on campus. Not only does he take care of his own department needs and care for his staff, he takes care of other departments who need his help. He has been on campus everyday for three weeks taking care of isolated students, moving students, and even monitoring residence halls and locking doors today after move out. All while trying to coordinate the C-Stores on campus, staffing the essential food services staff, and operating the dining centers open to students left on campus. This guy never stops and deserves to be recognized. Thanks Mark for always being there when needed. ”

A SHOUT OUT to Office of Student Living, Staff in Office of Student Living from Anonymous

“Thank you to all of the members of the Office of Student Living, student staff and professional staff, who moved hundreds of students out of the residence halls and continue to work with students transitioning to South Campus! You all keep coming to work and keeping things moving! Thank you!”

A SHOUT OUT to Sue Bracy, Director – Food Services in Food Services from Anonymous

“Thank you Food Services! Your hard work and dedication is shown each and every day by the excellent service you provide to students, faculty and staff across campus. Thank you for taking care of Syracuse University!”

A SHOUT OUT to Missy Yandon, Supervising Stock Clerk in Materials Distribution from Jen Smith

“Huge thanks to Missy for helping to get the Libraries packages (UV Sanitizers) in a quick and timely manner when needed the most! Thanks to everyone else at Materials Distribution as well for everything they do and continue to do during this trying time.”

A SHOUT OUT to Roger Hailstork, Bookstore Director in Syracuse University Bookstore from Anonymous

“Thank you to the Bookstore staff who continue to process online orders for students and other customers. You are providing excellent service to our remaining on-campus student population by offering online ordering of convenience items with free delivery. Keep up the great work!”

A SHOUT OUT to Erin Schaal, Employee Services lead in Facilities Services from Maryann Evans

“A HUGE shout out to Erin Schaal!! For her hard work and dedication to keep our department running smooth. For always being supportive and expressing gratitude to your staff and for truly caring about how our jobs affect others. I’m lucky to work under your direction.”

A SHOUT OUT to Paula Maxwell, Director of Information Technology in School of Education IT Department from Joanna Masingila

“I want to give a huge SHOUT OUT to Paula Maxwell for leading the School of Education IT team in providing excellent support to (a) faculty members in preparing and implementing online teaching and (b) staff in preparing to and continuing to work remotely.”

A SHOUT OUT to Dane Faes, Program Coordinator in Student Employment from Camille Donabella

“Thanks for all you did this week. With emails and appeals, you were amazing! Love having you on our team!”

A SHOUT OUT to Eileen Simmons, Director of Housing, Meal Plan and ID Card Services in The Housing Office from Anonymous

“Thank you to the Housing Office for managing moves to south campus, room and board refunds and many inquiries from students and families. You are an amazing team!”


A SHOUT OUT to Teagan Peacock, Communications Specialist in Division of Enrollment and the Student Experience from Joyce LaLonde

“Teagan has always done an incredible job communicating to our students, particularly focusing on health and wellness. As everything has gone digital, Teagan is receiving more content than ever and is tactfully disseminating that information to ensure our students stay well off campus. Thanks Teagan for prioritizing our students and thinking of how to engage our undergraduates during this time in multiple ways!”

A SHOUT OUT to Nick Nosco, Information Technology Analyst in Libraries IT Services from Steph

“Thanks to the entire Libraries IT Team for helping us all get set up with working online on very short notice! Thank you especially to Nick for providing support and guidance on what may appear to be small issues (in the grand scope of things) but have greatly improved my new work from home setup.”

A SHOUT OUT to Nate Birnbaum, Research Analyst in IVMF from Joyce

“I’ve watched Nate juggle countless meetings, manage students responsibly and effectively, rearrange major timelines on huge University/countrywide initiatives, and help coworkers adjust to the “new normal.” He’s done all this with a great attitude, relaxed disposition and intense precision. Not to mention, he’s also a part-time student navigating that shifted workload. Yay Nate!”

A SHOUT OUT to Suzanne  Florczyk, Head Preschool Teacher in Daycare from Laura Benjamin

“Suzanne has done an amazing job of staying connected while we’ve all been home. She regularly checks in on us to see how the children (and their parents) are doing at home. She has gone above and beyond by compiling and emailing daily photo compilations of the children’s at home activities. Additionally, she has coordinated a daily Zoom meeting for all the children to see their friends and teachers. Our kids love their teachers, friends, and school so much and this has been such an important part of our day. Thank you!”

A SHOUT OUT to Laura Benjamin, Access Services Librarian in Syracuse University Libraries from Emily Hart

“Thank you, Laura, for being an amazing colleague, and for going above and beyond on the StackMap software launch! It wouldn’t have happened without you. ”

and from Sarah Petrokonis

“Since working remotely, Laura has done a wonderful job of making herself available to her staff when we have questions and need support during this transition. Additionally, she’s been very thoughtful and intentional to take the time to build teamwork among her reports, and support us both personally and professionally. It’s made this tough time a little brighter!”

A SHOUT OUT to Casey Green, HR Representative in Human Resources from Wendy Lockwood

“Shout out to Casey Green for all of the extra work she is doing for the Sick Leaves, Paid Family Leaves, Family Medical Leaves, and just Leaves of Absences in general. You are doing a great job and I appreciate you!!”

A SHOUT OUT to Food Services and Facilities from anonymous

“Huuuuuge shout out to all the bargaining unit employees in food services and facilities for coming in to work and continuing to take care of us in these scary times. We see you and we appreciate you. Praying for your continued safety.”

A SHOUT OUT to Emily Zipprich, Assistant Director in Student Employment from Camille Donabella

“Emily – Thanks for all your hard work this week! The emails, off-campus employment, job postings, appeals – you have been a rock star! ”

A SHOUT OUT to Ryan Bentz, Assistant Director, Technical Instruction and Support in AEA from Mary Anagnost

“Shout out to Ryan Bentz. I’ve appreciated his training sessions on Microsoft Teams. He’s a tremendous trainer – patient and thoughtful, reliable and efficient. One of our heroes during this time of working at home. Thank you, Ryan!”

and from Pauline Saraceni

“Shout Out to Ryan for taking this opportunity to bring us great training and useful tools for us to increase our knowledge in Citrus! We appreciate both the new training and the chance to refresh our skills.”

A SHOUT OUT to Russ Tomsa, Computer Consultant in ITS from Jenn Schultz

“Thank you Russ for taking care of us so quickly and efficiently at Facilities Services during this crazy time of trying to work from home!”

A SHOUT OUT to Heather Ketcham, Operations Specialist in Physics from Juliette Rawda

“A huge thank you to Heather Ketcham for leading the Physics department into an innovative and efficient era. With the kickoff of electronic forms and Microsoft Teams, myself and my colleague have found it easier to manage full days of work. With her constant revamping of outdated processes, transitioning to working remotely for the semester was seamless and stress free. I feel supported and appreciated everyday, and am tremendously grateful for that. Thank you, Heather!”


from Yudaisy Salomon Sargenton

“A big SHOUT OUT! to Heather Ketcham for leading us in her initiative to implement a paperless office environment. This certainly makes our work more efficient and even possible during this unprecedented circumstances where we have to work remotely. Bonus point: Our office is environmentally friendly!!!”

A SHOUT OUT to Lynn Fall, Graduate Program Administrator in Biology from Billie Trapani

“Thanks comrade for helping me hold the Biotechnology battle lines. It is nice to know that I am not alone in my fight for consistency, uniformity, and organization!”

A SHOUT OUT to Pamela Thomas, Accessibility Analyst in AASC from Chris Massey

“Pamela is an amazing asset. She is responsive and informative. She is dedicated to the mission of accessibility and brings to the table experience, knowledge, and the perseverance needed to help others recognize the need for accessibility policy and goals. She has helped me on more than one occasion to understand where I need to improve documents and my own understanding with regard to the need for accessibility.”

A SHOUT OUT to Mary Pat Grzymala, Senior Associate Director Facilities 

“A great thank you to you and your team for coming to work everyday to take care of the University.”

A SHOUT OUT to Melissa Stocking, Scheduler of Facilities from Louise Ciaramella

“This is a SHOUT OUT to Melissa Stocking for going the extra mile, doing whatever it takes, to keep the Syracuse University Housing South Camus Maintenance program running smoothly during this difficult time. Her dedication and commitment to students, staff and, the overall campus community is greatly appreciated!”

A SHOUT OUT to Food Services employees from Keone Weigl

“Shout out to all the Food Services employees that are on the front lines feeding students, delivering and procuring the food, and making the food. A special shout out to our directors who are working tirelessly on solutions as things are rapidly changing. Thank you!”

A SHOUT OUT to John Beecher, Budget Director of the School of Education Business Office from Chris Massey

“Despite being disconnected physically with his team he remains connected with them personally and professionally. He checks in to ensure they are well and can work smoothly. He is open to new ideas, methods of communication, and collaboration. He is responsive and insightful and a pillar in this period of uncertainty.”

A SHOUT OUT to Stacy Sorbello, Admin Specialist I in the School of Education Business Office from Chris Massey

“Shout out to Stacy for always being ready with a good emoticon and gif to brighten your day as we struggle through the adversities of working remotely!”

A SHOUT OUT to Camille Donabella, Director in Student Employment from Nadine Austin

“Thank you Camille, for patiently walking me through the changes to student payroll. You’re doing a great job assisting all of us at this time of rapid change and uncertainty. I truly value you as a member of my “orange” family. ”

A SHOUT OUT to Jen Maser, Sr. Internal Communications Specialist in Marketing and Communications from Gail Grozalis

“Jen Maser’s positive attitude and creativity is such an asset to the Wellness Team! Working with you on our monthly emails is an organized and FUN process. Your communication skills–make what we do, that much better! Thanks for being a great partner!”

A SHOUT OUT to Peter Skomsky, HR Representative II in Human Resources from Kim DeStefano 

“Sending the biggest thank you to Peter for taking the lead on keeping the HR website up to date when I was out on maternity leave. And for continuing to jump in whenever needed without any hesitation! I appreciate all your time and hard work, you’re the best!!!”

A SHOUT OUT to Liz Costa, Office Assistant in Facilities from Mary Pat Grzymala

“A HUGE thank you to Liz Costa for assisting in the management of our sudden student move out and maintenance tracking on all housing facilities. We couldn’t survive without your dedication and hard work. You are the best!”

and an anonymous SHOUT OUT

“SHOUT OUT to Liz for going above and beyond as usual!!! And of coarse always with a smile and a joke!!! You’re the best!”

A SHOUT OUT to David Knapp, Assistant Professor of Music Education from John Coggiola

See Post Standard article

A SHOUT OUT to Christina Eiffe, Director of Budget and Operations in VPA from Melissa Chirico Brown

“Just want to let you know you are doing a wonderful job.”

A SHOUT OUT to Food Service workers who keep showing up, Director in Food Service workers from Sue Bracy

“Many thanks to the all Food Services workers who keep showing up everyday to work despite the fact they are afraid too. They answer our phone calls and show up to help. Some are servings food, driving trucks, cashing at C-Stores, filling orders, and doing whatever work we have for them. They are assisting with student move out and filling the need. Thanks for being brave and showing up when we need you the most. Proud to be part of your team.”

A SHOUT OUT to Stacey Royer, Administrative Assistant of the Graduate School from Tracy Bauer

“A HUGE thank you to Stacey for setting up Microsoft Teams for the Graduate School, for sharing helpful tips all the time, and for offering help as we transition to working from home. She’s kept in touch and kept our spirits up!”

A SHOUT OUT to Kim DeStefano, Program Coordinator of the Wellness Initiative from Gail Grozalis 

“A big SHOUT OUT to Kim DeStefano for her easy going, taking things in stride spirit, being able to change course at a moments notice, and always lifting everyone up with her never-ending positive attitude!”

A SHOUT OUT to Christopher Juiliani, Budget Analyst of School of Education Business Office from Christopher Massey 

“Dedicated and Determined, Chris has not lost site of the details since the transition to working remotely. He continues to reach out to the team to ensure all the ducks are in a row, people are being paid correctly, and from the right place.”

A SHOUT OUT to Maryann Evans, Office Coordinator of Facilities from Erin Schaal 

“Thank You for ALWAYS going above and beyond!”

A SHOUT OUT to Gabriela Jakubowska, Pre-health advisor for Arts and Sciences from Billie Trapani

“Great job handling my email concerns!”