Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Workshops

Building Awareness and Confidence in Using Pronouns & Preferred Names

This workshop will provide an overview and primer on the role of pronouns and preferred names as part of LGBTQ inclusion and cultural sensitivity.  Learn more about why they are important, in a safe workshop space with open dialogue.

Thursday, June 13
10 a.m. – Noon
Register for Building Awareness on June 13

Monday, July 22
10 a.m. – Noon
Register for Building Awareness on July 22

Thursday, Aug. 8
1 – 3 p.m.
Register for Building Awareness on Aug. 8

Workshop topics include:

  • The history of Preferred Names and Pronouns
  • The function and role of gender in our lives including terminology and general concepts
  • Practice using gender pronouns in common situations
  • Pronouns and Preferred Names at Syracuse University

This program will be held online via teleconferencing. A link will be sent to those who register a few days before the session.

IT Accessibility Policy Overview and Resources

This information session will provide an overview of the Syracuse University Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility Policy, which requires that our websites, applications, and content (documents, presentations, videos, etc.) meet specific criteria to make them usable by the widest possible variety of users, including those who might have certain physical, visual, auditory, or learning disabilities.
Led by IT Accessibility Analyst, Pam Thomas, this session will cover:

  • Background on the ICT Accessibility Policy
  • What does accessibility mean when it comes to IT? What standards are in place to ensure that our applications and content are accessible?
  • Types of disabilities
  • Types of assistive technology in use on campus
  • What training resources are available to the campus community?

Next offering: TBD

Reasonable Accommodations for Students and Employees

This workshop from the University’s experts on accommodations presents their equity-minded approach to accommodations for students and employees, the differences among them and individualized processes for determining reasonable accommodations. Participants will work through accommodation scenarios to acquire an insider view of how and why they work, and what their role or roles may be in the processes. Registration is required.

Next offering: TBD

Rethinking the Disability Paradigm: The University Community Working Together

What do you need to know about disabled students and co-workers? This workshop will answer this question and many more that you didn’t know to ask! What does able-bodied privilege mean? How does it manifest in the workplace? Our socially mediated and culturally affirmed beliefs influence how we think and engage with each other.

These largely unconscious beliefs can lead to biases and micro-aggressions that impact others in ways that we may not be aware of or intend. We want you to gain an awareness of your own beliefs and how they influence your actions and the language you use. This is a collective responsibility we all share.

Led by campus partners within the Center for Disability Resources and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion. Registration is required.

Next offering: TBD

Unlearning and Relearning Disability

This workshop and the presenters’ positionality invite participants to engage in brave reflective conversations about the ways we have come to understand disability historically and contemporarily, and how we can reframe these understandings in support of full inclusivity at Syracuse University for our students, staff, and faculty. Participants will be guided through group effort to illuminate and disrupt our common ableist beliefs and perceptions of disability toward a new and inclusive understanding of disability. Registration is required.

Next offering: TBD

Workshops offered by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

A critical component of creating an inclusive environment is awareness of the issues that enhance, or impede, inclusivity. Take a look at the educational training and programming offered by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (scroll down to faculty or staff workshop sections).