Systems and Employee Transactions

You play a critical role in ensuring that your employees are accurately compensated for the work they do, and that depends on correctly establishing their employment records in our systems.  Below are some job aids that you can reference, and contact the HR Service Center with any questions at 315.443.4042.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Systems and Employee Transactions

I need to submit an employee job action notice that doesn’t correspond to those available on iJAN. How do I do this?

Employee job actions that cannot be submitted via iJANs can be submitted using the Alternative Job Transaction [PDF].

When an employee has multiple job records already, which one should I use?

Hire iJANs: use the lowest record number available.  The department on record zero (0) will determine the employee’s access. The employee’s primary job should be on record zero.

Change iJANs: select the record with your department number linked to it if you are making changes to a current employee.

If you aren’t sure, call the HR Service Center at 315.443.4042 for assistance.

When are iJANs due?

Refer to the payroll calendar to determine the due date.  All iJANs submitted after the due date will be rejected and must be resubmitted (you may need to adjust the chart string before resubmitting).  To issue corrected pay to the employee, complete a Request for Additional Pay (RAP) form, or to correct the account charged, complete a Payroll Reallocation (PAR) form for time worked during the period before the iJAN will take effect.  Unfortunately, chart strings cannot be back dated.