Preventive Care Services – Available at No Cost

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We can all stay healthier and prevent certain health problems by eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep and staying away from things that can harm our health, such as tobacco. But, there is one other part of preventive care that should not be overlooked – getting a routine annual exam.

Visiting your doctor for a routine physical is one of the best ways you can take care of your health. Even if you’re not experiencing any health problems, you should consider having a yearly exam.

Preventive care exams and screenings can often lead to finding health problems early, when your chances for treatment and recovery are better. An annual exam also provides you with the opportunity to talk with your doctor about any health concerns you may have.

Many preventive care services are covered in full for Syracuse University medical plan participants when visiting a physician or facility that participates in the Excellus BCBS network (certain restrictions apply, contact Excellus BlueCross BlueShield (“BCBS”) at 800.493.0318 (TTY: 800.662.1220) with questions):

    • Routine well child care
    • Routine adult annual physical exams
    • Routine colorectal cancer screening
    • Routine mammography screenings
    • Routine cervical cancer screenings
    • Routine prostate cancer screenings
    • Certain vaccinations

Additional information regarding the University’s medical benefits, including benefit plan summaries and access to the Excellus BCBS provider directory, is available on the health benefits website. You may also contact our Excellus BCBS Dedicated Customer Care Team at 800.493.0318 (TTY: 800.662.1220) for more information about preventive care services.

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