The chart below shows the 2018 monthly premium cost to continue coverage under COBRA.  Contact the COBRA Administrator, Lifetime Benefit Solutions, toll-free at 800.493.0318 (TTY: 800.662.1220) with any questions about continuation coverage.

Image: printer icon COBRA Rates [PDF]

Employee Only$575.15$559.01$538.41
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner$1,265.29$1,229.79$1,184.51
Employee + Child(ren)$1,110.03$1,078.85$1,039.13
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner and Child(ren)$1,800.19$1,749.66$1,685.21
DENTALPreventive DentalComprehensive Dental
Employee Only$16.51$37.07
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner$28.85$75.26
Employee + Child(ren)$31.56$74.43
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner and Child(ren)$46.91$111.64
DENTAL with VISIONPreventive Dental with VisionComprehensive Dental with Vision
Employee Only$22.01$42.56
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner$39.85$86.26
Employee + Child(ren)$43.49$86.36
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner and Child(ren)$65.97$130.70
SEBF DENTALBasic DentalComprehensive Dental
Individual + One$45.23$50.29
SEBF DENTAL with OPTICALBasic Dental with OpticalComprehensive Dental with Optical
Individual + One$56.48$61.54

Remember that you may have options to purchase coverage other than through COBRA, such as through the Marketplace [PDF].

University medical, dental and vision COBRA rates are valid 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2018. SEBF dental and dental with optical COBRA rates are valid 7/1/18 – 6/30/19.