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Delta Dental and VSP vision will continue to offer these important benefit programs to our employees. which will have no copayment, coinsurance or contribution increases. New for 2018, Delta Dental is changing the frequency of dental cleanings from two per 12-month period to two per calendar year. This means that no matter when you had your last cleaning in 2017, you will have access to two cleanings in calendar year 2018. For more information, visit and review the frequently asked questions resource guide, which will be updated as needed. Contact the HR Service Center at 315.443.4042 if you need further assistance.

All benefits-eligible employees, as well as graduate assistants holding a full academic year appointment, may elect Delta Dental insurance with or without the Vision Service Plan (VSP). SEIU bargaining unit employees also have the option of Service Employees Benefit Fund (SEBF) Dental insurance with or without the SEBF Vision Plan.

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Dental Plan

Choose the dental plan that will best meet your needs:

  • The Preventive Plan provides coverage for specified diagnostic, preventive, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) services.
  • The Comprehensive Plan provides coverage for services listed in the Preventive Plan, as well as for basic and major restorative services, oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics, and prosthodontics.

Both Delta Dental options offer two levels of coverage depending on whether the dentist participates in a Delta Dental network. If the dentist does not participate in a Delta Dental network, your out-of-pocket costs will generally be higher.  Dentists who do not participate in the network may bill you for the difference between his or her usual charges and the allowable amount for those services as determined by Delta Dental.

Enrollment in a Delta Dental option is a two-year commitment. All eligible employees began a two-year cycle on January 1, 2017. Elections made during this two-year cycle will be in effect through December 31, 2018. 

Contact Delta Dental Member Services at 800.932.0783 or log in at

Vision Plan

If you enroll in dental with vision coverage, vision benefits are provided through Vision Service Providers (VSP). Vision is not available as a separate option.

  • Coverage is provided for routine eye exams, contact lens care, glasses and frames.
  • To view a summary of the services covered and benefits provided, please view the VSP Vision Benefits Summary.
  • Enhanced services are available to diabetics under the Diabetic Eyecare Plus program.
  • To maximize your plan benefits, use an in-network provider.  You can also order glasses online through Eyeconic.
  • Enrollment in the combined Delta Dental and VSP Vision program is a two-year commitment.

Contact VSP Member Services at 800.877.7195 or visit

Provider Network

You can use any licensed dentist or optometrist, but you will keep your out-of-pocket costs lowest if you use participating providers for your dental and vision care.

Delta Dental gives you access to two networks of participating providers: the Delta Dental PPO network and the Delta Dental Premier network. Using a dentist in the PPO network provides the best value. A dentist in the Premier network is the next best option if you can’t find a PPO dentist. Participating dentists in both networks will accept the Delta Dental payment without billing you for any uncovered balance, so you will usually save when compared to a non-participating dentist. You can search online for participating dentists at, or call Delta Dental at 800.932.0783.

VSP’s network is primarily independent doctors of optometry, but does include some retail chains. If you choose to use a non-VSP provider, your coverage is limited. To find a list of participating providers in your area, you can search online at or call 800.877.7195.

Your Cost

  • Most premiums are paid through pre-tax payroll deduction.
  • Premiums for domestic partners and their children are paid on an after-tax basis.
  • The monthly rates listed below are based on the 12-month calendar year. Actual deductions from each paycheck will vary depending upon your deduction cycle (weekly or semi-monthly; academic year or calendar year).

Dental and Vision Rates for 2017

Preventive Dental With or Without VisionPreventive DentalPreventive Dental Plus Vision
Employee Only$7.86$13.25
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner$19.95$30.74
Employee + Child(ren)$22.61$34.31
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner + Child(ren)$37.66$56.35
Comprehensive Dental With or Without VisionComprehensive DentalComprehensive Dental Plus Vision
Employee Only$28.01$33.40
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner$65.45$76.24
Employee + Child(ren)$64.64$76.34
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner + Child(ren)$101.12$119.81

Submitting a Claim

Participating providers will submit claims on your behalf, and you will pay your share of the cost at the time of your visit. If you use non-participating providers, you may need to pay in full at the time of service and file a claim for benefits.

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