Position Evaluation Procedures

Position Evaluation is a process that uses the information provided on the Position Evaluation Request (PER) Template [PDF] to identify, analyze and measure each position’s job description against internal equity and external competitiveness. This form may be used as a resource to draft job descriptions for positions prior to submitting online, as well as a useful tool to provide insight when collaborating with your Sr. HR Business Partner. See Helpful Links below on guidance to developing job descriptions and other information on how the university classifies and pays for staff positions.

Position Evaluation Requests are submitted through My Slice > Human Resources and Payroll Systems > Position Evaluation Request and automatically flow through the PER process to the HR Compensation team. How to guides are available on answers.syr.edu which is also linked below under Helpful Links. You can also contact your department administrator for more information. The system allows for a variety of position and compensation related requests. Examples of the types of requests range from minimal changes such as documenting a job description or requesting a department number change to requesting new positions or significant changes to existing positions based on an organizational restructure.

The HR Compensation team will evaluate the position and assign the appropriate updated position criteria. If there are minimal changes to existing positions, no other approvals are required. For new positions, vacant positions the department would like to fill and positions with significant updates (including compensation implications), departmental approvals are required prior to Compensation’s review. These approvals typically include your unit head and Budget Manager. After it is approved and the position has been classified by Compensation with the appropriate category, title and pay band, it will move to the Office of Budget and Planning for budget review and approval. When funding is agreed upon, the request will go to the appropriate executive leadership for final approval. Once finalized, the position will be updated in the system, and if applicable be posted on sujobopps.com with the assistance of the Talent Management team.

Reviewing PERs during the annual Performance Partnership is best practice. PERs should be updated at least every five years, even if staff continue to remain in the same position. Updating job descriptions ensures all staff are classified correctly in an evolving workforce.

Helpful Links

Bargaining Unit Positions

  • For bargaining unit staff positions, copies of job specifications (brief summary descriptions) may be requested by contacting a senior labor relations specialist.
  • The collective bargaining agreement sets parameters for who can be selected for bargaining unit positions. It is extremely important that the job posting clearly lists the specific qualifications needed for the position. For assistance in developing the posting, or questions regarding the bargaining unit recruitment process, please contact a labor relations specialist.