Workplace Partnership Council (WPC)

Logo: workplace partnership council

Following 2001 SEIU negotiations, a new facilitated labor-management forum was initiated. This forum, the Workplace Partnership Council (WPC), comprises representatives from the SEIU and University. The WPC is charged with identifying and resolving issues before they become workplace problems. The members of this group are:

  • Cathy Bottari, Labor Relations
  • Sue Bracy, Food Services
  • Jamie Cyr, Director Auxiliary Services
  • Vanessa Dismuke, SEIU Library
  • Denise Dyce, Labor Relations
  • Jason Grome, SEIU FIXit
  • Mary Pat Grzymala, Physical Plant
  • Joseph Guadagnolo, Physical Plant
  • Dan Hanford, SEIU Physical Plant
  • Jenny Howell, SEIU Food Services
  • Cheryl Huges, SEIU FIXit
  • Jason Humphrey, SEIU Physical Plant
  • Dale King, Library
  • Doug McClure, SEIU Representative
  • Jim Miller, Physical Plant
  • Craig Powers, SEIU FIXit
  • Nate Prior, ESSM
  • Pete Sala, VP, Campus Facilities
  • Michelle Scheider, SEIU Food Services
  • Maureen Serp, Labor Relations
  • Mark Tewksbury, Food Services
  • Jack Walker, SEIU Physical Plant
  • John Waters, SEIU FIXit

WPC Mission

The WPC studies have made significant strides in building a solid foundation for stronger relationships and workplace improvements. The landmark contract negotiation completed in 2007 provided additional opportunities for collaboration and partnership.