Bargaining Unit Members

The mission of Syracuse University Labor Relations is to promote positive labor-management relations, using an interest-based approach to achieve positive outcomes and support of the University’s overall mission and strategic plan.

With that goal in mind, while representing the best interests of the University, we engage in collaboration and ongoing communication with the Unions representing Syracuse University staff as we develop strategies aimed at strengthening positive relationships among unionized employees, and between unionized employees and University Management. SU Labor Relations works to ensure fair and equitable applications of University policies, processes and provisions of the applicable collective bargaining agreement to the overall benefit of Management and Labor. We engage in conflict resolution, grievance management, and mediation to timely address labor and employment matters and find effective resolution.

In doing so, SU Labor Relations also partners with other key University divisions such as the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services, the Department of Public Safety, and Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Services, to support the University’s best interests while simultaneously promote fair outcomes.

Unions at Syracuse University

There are currently 4 Unions represented at Syracuse University. They are:

Syracuse University Department of Public Safety Officers Council 82

Representing Public Safety Officer and Community Service Officers

Kevin Haley – President


Service Employees International Union Local 200United (SEIU)

Representing Food Service Workers, Physical Plant and Skilled Trades and Library employees

John Waters – President


International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 317

Representing Parking Employees

Patrick Kelly – President


Adjuncts United

Representing Part Time Faculty

Laurel Morton – President


For additional information on Syracuse University Labor Relations, please contact any of the individuals listed below:

Denise Dyce
Director of Labor Relations
(315) 443-4042
Cathy Bottari
Labor Relations Senior Specialist
(315) 443-2384; 443-4624
Maureen Serp
Labor Relations Senior Specialist
(315) 443-8799