Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency, also known as the Green Card, is an immigrant visa status. There are many different paths to obtaining Permanent Residency (PR), but Syracuse University can petition for only specific employment-based categories. In addition, the ability to obtain PR may be impacted by current or former immigration status. Syracuse University sponsors individuals for Permanent Residency in the following categories:

  • EB-1B Outstanding Professor/Researcher: The EB-1B category is reserved for established and outstanding faculty and researchers.  This category requires filing only with the Immigration Service.
  • EB-2 Advanced Degree Professional: Syracuse University uses the EB-2 advanced degree professional category for tenure track faculty and some staff positions that require an advanced degree.  The category first requires a filing with the Department of Labor.  Filing with the Immigration Service for PR is dependent upon Department of Labor approval.
  • EB-3 Professional or Skilled Worker: Syracuse University uses the EB-3 category for some staff positions that require a bachelor’s degree.  Like EB-2, this category first requires a filing with and approval by the Department of Labor.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Syracuse University employment-based permanent residency must be filed through the Office of University Counsel.  Departments and/or employees may not engage outside counsel to file for employment-sponsored PR.   Employees who may not be eligible for University sponsorship can self-petition for PR through two other categories that do not require employer sponsorship: alien of extraordinary ability (EB-1A) or a national interest waiver (EB-2). Syracuse University does not provide legal advice to employees on these petitions, and interested individuals should consult with a competent immigration attorney. Faculty or Departments asked to provide information or letters for an individual pursuing self-sponsored PR should contact the Office of University Counsel to discuss appropriate support.

Timing of Filing – Plan More than One Year in Advance

Syracuse University must file the first step of EB-2 permanent residency for tenure-track teaching faculty within 18 months of hire. The timing for sponsorship of tenure-track faculty in the EB1-B, outstanding professor/researcher category, is more flexible, but the individual must possess the credentials to support the category. Filing before the last year of H-1B eligibility is recommended.

Non teaching positions and those positions eligible for EB-3 filing should be initiated before the fourth year of H-1B eligibility. Contact the Office of University Counsel to discuss specific timing.

Filing Fees

I-140 Fee – Permanent Residency sponsorship fee is $700, paid by the sponsoring department.

I-907 Premium Processing Fee – Premium Processing provides for adjudication within 15 calendar days of receipt and requires a fee of $1,410 .

I-485 Adjustment of Status Fee & Civil Surgeon Exams – The I-485 petition to adjust status and the related civil surgeon exam fees are the responsibility of the employee. The filing fee for the I-485 is $1,225 per adult and $835 for each dependent child under 14 years of age who files concurrently with the parent. Civil Surgeon Exam fees vary depending on the Civil Surgeon who performs the exams.