Identity Protection Services

To help provide peace of mind to our community, the University has engaged IdentityForce, a leader in the identity protection industry, to provide services to faculty and benefits-eligible staff.

Eligible faculty and staff will have free access to IdentityForce’s UltraSecure Plus identity protection, credit services, and recovery services through March 18, 2022. Eligible faculty and staff will also have coverage for their children and the option to purchase additional coverage (UltraSecure Premium) for themselves and to add one other adult at a reduced price.


Enrollment is optional. When you activate the coverage, you will decide the level of information you wish to provide to IdentityForce. No personally identifiable information will be provided to IdentityForce by Syracuse University.

Because of recent sophisticated phishing attempts targeting the University, we have partnered with the University’s Office of Information Security to modify the normal enrollment process and provide a secure method of enrolling.

You can activate the services using the Identity Protection Services pagelet in MySlice. For your reference, a picture of the pagelet is below. For security purposes, Human Resources will never provide a link directly into MySlice.

MySlice snapshot used to activate identity protection services and to add additional coverage.

“Activate Services” will link you to IdentityForce’s secure portal. There you will need to enter your personalized access code.  Eligible employees received this code in an email from Karen Morrissey on March 19, 2021, with the Subject Line: “How to Enroll in Syracuse University Sponsored Identity Protection Services.”

If you need assistance or have deleted your personalized access code, contact HR Shared Services at 315.443.4042.

Additional Coverage

On the Identity Protection Services pagelet in MySlice, you can also purchase additional coverage for yourself (UltraSecure Premium) and add one other adult. This additional coverage will be effective the first of the month following the request. At that time, you will be able to designate the adult directly through your IdentityForce account. The other adult will then receive a welcome email from IdentityForce with instructions on setting up their own account.

If you elect additional coverage, you will pay the difference between the discounted rates and the amount Syracuse University is paying on your behalf.  The monthly costs through March 18, 2022 are listed below and will be deducted on an after-tax basis from your paycheck. These costs are based on the 12-month calendar year. Actual deductions from each paycheck will vary depending upon your deduction cycle (e.g., weekly vs. semi-monthly, academic year vs. calendar year).

Monthly Employee Cost

 Monthly Cost
UltraSecure Plus
Monthly Cost
UltraSecure Premium
Employee Only*$0$2.46
Employee + One Adult*$1.64$4.66

*Includes “ChildWatch” protection services for eligible dependents under the age of 26.

Covered Services


Contact IdentityForce Member Services at 877.694.3367 or HR Shared Services at 315.443.4042 should you have any questions.