Data request form

This form may be used to request mailing lists in Excel format, employee data reports, and employee population counts. The requester must abide by the Access to HR Data policy in the University Policies web site.

For mailings that include the Chancellor, Provost, SVPs/VPs, and/or deans/associate deans, a sample of the mailing must be provided to and approved by the Office of Human Resources.

Each request for data must be submitted separately and each data list is provided for one-time use for the purpose stated on the form. It is the responsibility of the requestor and the requesting department to obtain a new list from HR for each subsequent use.

Human Resources data shall not be duplicated or redistributed without approval.

Complete the information below and press the “submit” button. You will be contacted by a Human Resources representative when your request is received.*

* Please allow 2-3 days for processing.

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Please note: The status "regular" means the individuals are eligible for the standard University benefit plans. To customize your request, please use the "Other, please specify" box below. Data lists are provided for one-time use only.

Data needed
Deans, Directors and Dept HeadsAcademic Deans, Directors and Dept HeadsDeans, Directors and Dept Heads, all Faculty (including Adjuncts) and Exempt StaffDeans, Directors and Dept Heads and all Faculty (including Adjuncts)Academic Deans, Directors and Depart Heads and all Faculty (including Adjuncts)Adjunct FacultyAll Faculty including AdjunctsAll New Hire Faculty including Adjuncts (please include date range in the “other” section, below)All Faculty (including Adjuncts) and Teaching AssistantsRegular Faculty (Full and Part Time)Regular Faculty (Full and Part Time) and Deans, Directors and Dept HeadsRegular Full Time FacultyRegular, Full and Part Time Faculty and Staff, (no Adjunct, student** or temp employees)Regular, Full and Part Time Faculty and Staff A&S and Maxwell only, (no Adjunct, student or temp employees)Regular, Full Time Faculty and Staff (no Adjunct, student or temp employees)Regular, Full Time Faculty and Regular non Bargaining Unit Staff (no Adjunct, student or temp employees)Regular, Full and Part Time Staff (no Adjunct, student or temp employees)Regular, Full and Part Time, non Bargaining Unit Staff (no student or temp employees)All Non-Student Staff (includes temps)All Non-Student Faculty and Staff (includes Adjuncts and temps)All SU Employees including student and temp employeesAll Graduate Assistants (includes RAs, TAs and GAs)All Bargaining Unit Employees. Bargaining Unit requests include employees in the following Collective Bargaining Units: Adjuncts United; Local 317, International Brotherhood of Teamsters; Local 200United, Service Employees’ International Union (SEIU)Minority Faculty and Regular Staff (no students, no temps)Salaried African American and Hispanic Faculty and Staff (no students, no temps)Non-Student Part Time and Temp Employees (includes Adjuncts)Retirees, home addressLocal Retirees, home address (zipcode begins with ’13’)SU Magazine List (Regular Staff and Faculty, excluding SU alumni)Other, please specify

Other, please specify

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**The ‘student’ classification includes undergraduate and graduate student employees.