COVID-19: Financial Stability and Support

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Webinar: Coronavirus and Your Finances

Employees are facing many uncertainties right now. Coping with financial challenges can increase stress and anxiety and result in costly mistakes. This presentation will focus on actions employees can take to protect their finances. Attention will be given to common financial mistakes individuals may engage in during times of crisis and how to avoid them.

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced American businesses to plan for a period of extreme uncertainty. As state and local communities adjust to the spread of infection, many businesses are asking their employees to work from home, finding new ways to reach customers to sustain operations.

Businesses have chosen many different avenues to support their employees during this time, but those actions may not be enough to help cover the bills, debts, and needs Americans must pay each month. To help you adjust to the effects of this national state of emergency and the impact it may have on your financial stability, Carebridge has collected the resources below to give you an opportunity to plan for and respond to rapid changes in your life.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in this situation. Americans across the country–and just like you–are looking for ways to cope with the complexity of this crisis and are finding the support they need to overcome the challenges in front of them. There are resources that can help you address the changes in your life this health emergency may create. From financial information that can help you stretch every dollar to emotional wellbeing resources that can aid in cutting anxiety and reducing stress, there’s something here for you that can make every day a little easier.