Message from Chancellor Kent Syverud

Dear Members of the Orange Community:

We are not yet two weeks into the spring semester, and we already find ourselves approaching the threshold of 100 positive COVID-19 cases in a two-week period. When and if we do, the University will have no choice but to go “on pause” as mandated by the state of New York. This means no in-person learning or student activities for two weeks, perhaps longer, and fewer of the opportunities that make being a student here so special.

To the vast majority of our students who are following the Stay Safe Pledge—getting tested and protecting our community—I say thank you. You have done the right things. You have shown respect to your fellow students, your families and our community. You have shown that this can be done.

To our students who continue to host and attend large parties and ignore public health guidelines, I don’t know what more anyone can tell you. Your actions put your health and the health of others at risk. Your actions put the semester for the entire campus at risk. Your actions put the Central New York community at risk. And your actions put your status here on campus at risk. No matter who you are—a member of the Greek community, a student-athlete or anyone else—if you break the rules, discipline will follow.

We are at a pivotal moment. I know this pandemic has been hard for everyone in different ways. And I know you are fatigued by it all. That makes remaining here on campus this spring all the more important. And right now, it is at risk. Let’s show respect to one another by recommitting ourselves to following public health mandates and the Stay Safe Pledge. Being put “on pause” may or may not be inevitable at this point. But a spring semester with mostly in-person experiences is still within your control.

Chancellor Kent Syverud