Office of Human Resources Announces Updated Staff Flexible Work Policy and Form

The Office of Human Resources (HR) has worked diligently to bring faculty and staff members back to the campus work environment since early June. While the University has gone to great lengths to ensure the campus workplace is as safe as possible in the face of the COVID-19 health emergency, it also recognizes the need to continue to support flexible work arrangements for benefits-eligible staff under certain circumstances—including arrangements that support reduced office density and enhance the safety of the campus workplace.

To that end, HR has updated their Flexible Work Policy and documentation process to allow for even greater flexibility for staff members in support of the Return to Campus Plan for Faculty and Staff. HR will continue to partner with leadership from schools, colleges and administrative units to approve and document flexible work arrangements for eligible staff members, including:

  • Flextime/staggered shifts
  • Remote work (in full or for partial days/weeks)
  • Compressed work schedules
  • Alternate-day arrangements

Please note that the availability of flexible work arrangements varies widely by school, unit and position based on business and operational needs and approvals are made at the discretion of a staff member’s supervisor and senior leader.

Staff members who would like to request a flexible work arrangement should initiate the conversation with their immediate supervisor, who will collaborate with senior leadership and their senior HR business partner.