Changes to Academic Calendar and Faculty and Staff Working on Labor Day

Due to the extraordinary circumstances of the Fall 2020 semester, the University is operating under a revised academic calendar that includes holding classes on Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 7, 2020). Faculty members who hold classes on Mondays are expected to conduct in-person and online classes as they would any other week.

That said, Labor Day continues to be a paid University holiday. The Office of Human Resources has asked each school, college and unit to identify the level of staff needed to support classes being held on Monday, Sept. 7, and notify staff accordingly about expected work schedules. Exempt staff members who work on Labor Day will be allowed a different day off and non-exempt staff members who work that day will receive holiday pay (or overtime pay if applicable).

Staff members with questions about their work schedule should contact their immediate supervisor. Faculty can reach out to their deans for further guidance.