Full Public Health Framework Now Available for Review

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff and Families:

Since early April, the Public Health and Emergency Management Subcommittee of the Fall 2020 Open Working Group has been engaged in an effort to develop processes, protocols, policies and procedures appropriate to ensure that our campus is prepared to safely resume residential life in the fall. On May 28, while we awaited additional guidance and feedback from public officials, the University shared several preliminary recommendations stemming from the subcommittee’s ongoing work.

I am writing today to make you aware that the full, initial report of the Public Health and Emergency Management Subcommittee [PDF] is available for your review.

The report’s findings and recommendations are informed by the expertise and experiences of subcommittee members, and also by existing public health guidance and policy directives advanced by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the New York State Department of Health and the Onondaga County Department of Health. At the same time, the subcommittee has recommended that this report remain in draft form and be updated and revised as COVID-19 science, public health guidance and local conditions evolve in the weeks and months to come.

To review the report’s findings and recommendations, please visit Syracuse.edu/fall2020. There you can download and print a fully accessible version of the document. Additionally, Syracuse.edu/fall2020 is now the home of all information related to our ongoing COVID-19 response, planning and preparedness as well as details and updates regarding our fall 2020 open. If you continue to enter Syracuse.edu/coronavirus, you will be directed to the updated webpage.

Finally, I would like to personally thank the members of the subcommittee for their extraordinary commitment to this effort, and also the many faculty and staff voices from across the campus community who helped to inform this report’s findings and recommendations.


J. Michael Haynie
Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives and Innovation