How Faculty and Staff Can ‘Be Well’ with the Barnes Center

With the exciting opening of the Barnes Center at The Arch, students can access a state-of-the-art health, wellness and recreation complex for integrated, holistic care. This hub of student wellness—which includes counseling, health care, pharmacy, recreation and health promotion, not only enhances the student experience—but the well-being of our entire campus community.

As faculty and staff members, there are a number of features and services available to you:

  • The recreation and fitness amenities in the building remain free for faculty and staff, including use of the climbing walls, day-use lockers, courts, track, weight rooms and more. Fee-based fitness classes and personal training remain available as well. Details on membership fees and amenities for dependents and other constituencies are also available on the recreation membership webpage.
  • The full-service retail pharmacy is available for faculty and staff to fill prescriptions and pick up common non-prescription items and health supplies.
  • The Crowley Family MindSpa provides faculty and staff with a space to practice mindfulness and other guided relaxation techniques. A light therapy box, biofeedback tools, de-stressing items and more are all available when you book an appointment at the MindSpa.
  • Faculty and staff can work with the Barnes Center team to schedule a workshop on working with students in distress to help learn how to recognize signs of distress and make a referral, as well as resources on campus. Additionally, connect with the Barnes Center team to request a workshop for your classes or student groups centered on topics spanning sexual violence prevention, bystander intervention, stress management, mental health and time management.

To learn more, visit the Barnes Center at The Arch website or call 315.443.8000.