University to Modernize Human Resources and Timekeeping Systems

In an effort to reduce the administrative burden on schools, colleges and other units, Syracuse University has announced it will upgrade its timekeeping, payroll and human resources technology. This technology, which will go into effect on July 30, will introduce new, simpler processes that result in the quicker inputting of more accurate data, ultimately allowing employees to spend less time on administrative functions and more time on their individual priorities.

The timekeeping process change brings more efficiency and reliability to the way employees track their time, whether they are hourly employees tracking time, or salaried employees reporting vacation. This replaces a decades-old system that often involved antiquated paper punch cards, paper timesheets and manual data entry with technology to swipe ID cards or online entry including mobile devices, ensuring time is accurately recorded in human resources and payroll systems.

Many core human resources transactions, including approvals, position requests, hiring and mid-year compensation changes will be simplified. The system replaces the iJAN (Job Action Notice) and Appointments tools with simpler online forms designed for each transaction. Security for viewing data and approving transactions can be tailored for each school, college or administrative unit to ensure reliability and confidentiality of the data.

The streamlined system is mobile-friendly and provides flexibility for managers and employees.

Additional details on the initiative, including training and reference materials to prepare student employees, faculty and staff for the change, will be released prior to the July 30 launch, and additional support will be in place as the 2018-19 academic year gets underway.

If you have specific questions about this initiative, contact or call 315.443.4042.