Employees of Syracuse University, who are members of the Adjuncts United Union (AU), approved a three-year contract on May 31 covering approximately 600 University part-time faculty.

“Adjuncts United is very pleased to have a newly ratified three-year agreement in place, and we remain committed to working together for continued clarity within the unique higher education employment relationship our membership shares with the University,” says Adjunct United President Laurel Morton. “I believe all campus community members will benefit from the mutual respect demonstrated on both sides during this process.”

The package approved by the AU members included:

  • an increase in funding allocated for professional training and career development;
  • a workspace utilization and optimization plan to facilitate part-time faculty’s ability to perform teaching-related duties and enhanced student interaction;
  • a supplemental teaching load review for assignments lasting longer than eight weeks;
  • an opportunity for a multi-year appointment for faculty who have completed 14 consecutive semesters of teaching; and
  • a guaranteed two percent wage increase annually over the contract’s three-year term.

“This contract demonstrates how much we value the contributions of our part-time faculty,” says Andrew R. Gordon, senior vice president and chief human resources officer. “We were able to identify important workplace enhancements and better align our employees’ needs with the marketplace. I am grateful that both sides worked together in good faith to reach an agreement.”

The new contract will run from 2017-2020.