Remitted Tuition

Remitted Tuition provides credit hours for eligible employees/retirees and their spouses/same sex domestic partners for undergraduate and graduate study at SU, including College of Professional Studies. Employees using Remitted Tuition benefits for themselves receive a full tuition waiver. Employees may transfer their benefits to a spouses or same sex domestic partner for a tuition waiver of 85 percent.

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Information About the Remitted Tuition Policy

Strict guidelines regarding tuition credit use, availability and expiration are outlined in the Remitted Tuition Policy on the Syracuse University Policies website. The University’s policy regarding refunds on courses that are dropped while using Remitted Tuition can be found in the Bursar’s Tuition, Fees, and Related Policies Bulletin.

Credit Hours Granted

Employees using Remitted Tuition benefits for themselves receive a full tuition waiver up to the number of credit hours available. The number of credit hours available to you depends upon your employment status:

  • Full-time employees receive 12 credit hours annually.
  • Part-time employees receive 9 credit hours annually.
  • Eligible retirees receive the number of credit hours they were eligible to receive at the time of retirement.

RTB credits are awarded in mid-July each year for use during the fall, spring or summer semesters immediately following. Credits do not carry over from year to year; any credits not used are forfeited. Credit hours may not be borrowed from a future year to be used in a current year.

Credit Hours Available upon Hire

Eligible Syracuse University employees are awarded Remitted Tuition benefits in their first year of employment according to the following schedule. Benefits are adjusted based on any changes in benefits eligibility status, e.g. moving from full- to part-time employment.

Employment DateFull-TimePart-Time
Jul 1 - Sep 30129
Oct 1 - Dec 3186
Jan 1 - Mar 3143
Apr 1 - Jun 3000

Credit Hours Available Upon Termination

If an employee separates from the University during the year, the total year benefit will be pro-rated based upon his or her termination date according to the chart below and no benefits for future semesters, including Maymester or Summer Sessions, will be authorized. If the employee terminates during a semester when remitted tuition benefits were used by the employee or spouse or eligible domestic partner, the employee will be billed for any remaining balance after the pro-rated remitted tuition credits have been applied. If you terminate in the same year in which you were hired, the remitted tuition credits will be the lesser of the credit hours available upon hire and those available upon termination.

Termination DateFull-TimePart-Time
Jul 1 - Sep 3000
Oct 1 - Dec 3143
Jan 1 - Mar 3186
Apr 1 - Jun 30129

Transferring Credits to a Spouse/Same Sex Domestic Partner

Spouses or same sex domestic partners who receive benefits transferred from an employee will receive a tuition waiver of 85 percent. A spouse/same sex domestic partner receiving tuition credits must have either a United States-issued Social Security number or an individual tax identification number.

To transfer Remitted Tuition credits to an eligible spouse/same sex domestic partner, the employee must complete a Remitted Tuition Credit Transfer Authorization [PDF] form and submit it to Human Resources. A new form is needed only if the employee wishes to make a change in the number of credits assigned, or to transfer the credits back to himself or herself.

Tax Implications

For information on remitted tuition taxability rules, including how the University’s Educational Assistance Plan affects such taxation, please refer to the Comptroller’s Office.

Should you have any questions, or require accommodations to access any information on this webpage, please reach out to HR Shared Services at 315.443.4042.

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