Financial Wellness Events

Keep your financial goals on track with special events and webinars offered by TIAA and Carebridge

Build Your Financial Know-How Workshop Series

A dynamic series of financial wellness workshops for faculty and staff are available on demand. Offered in partnership with, Carebridge, the University’s faculty and staff assistance program, the series provides a practical approach to enhancing your financial aptitude while focusing on actions you can take to protect your finances.

Coping with financial challenges can increase personal stress, and if not managed correctly, result in costly mistakes. Becoming more conscious about your financial wellness starts with building your financial know-how. No matter what chapter of your life you are in, you can always begin, change or improve your financial story.

Each workshop is about one-hour in length. Expand the accordion below for more information and register to receive the links to view the workshops.

Workshop 1: Managing Your Personal Finances
Personal budgeting is a roadmap to success. The key to tracking your personal budget plan is to find a method that you understand, enjoy using, and fits your lifestyle. Learn how to create and maintain a budget plan, strengthen your money management skills, and become more proactive and less reactive with your finances.

Workshop 2: Gaining Control of Debt
There can be many different reasons why people get into financial jams, and almost everyone struggles with financial problems at one time or another. This workshop examines how to evaluate debt responsibilities, consolidate debt, and work with creditors to effectively reduce debt. This very practical and useful training can help you get on the right track to better manage personal finances.

Workshop 3: Developing a Savings Strategy
This workshop will review how to create a spending plan and the steps needed to develop a savings strategy. In addition to understanding the basics of investing, become familiar with the possible risk and rewards associated with various savings and investment choices. There are many savings and investment alternatives, and you will want to evaluate each before choosing the best option for you.

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Upcoming Live Webinars Presented by TIAA

Each webinar is about one-hour in length. Expand the accordion below for more information on the sessions available and to obtain the link to register.

Visit to register for the live webinars listed below or watch past presentations on demand.

  1. The Secure Act Revealed
    The SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act) passed on December 20, 2019, and made sweeping changes to the retirement plan landscape. Learn about the changes and how they impact your retirement planning considerations. This webinar will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at noon.
  2. Money at Work 2: Sharpening Investment Skills
    Discover how to help make your money work harder by using your cash flow more effectively, developing good saving habits and by better managing debt. This webinar will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 3 p.m. (ET).
  3. Financial Housekeeping for Now and Later
    Get insights into your current financial situation and learn some practical steps you can take to help position yourself for future success. This webinar will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 10 at noon.
  4. Lifetime Income: Market Proof Your Retirement
    You’ve worked hard to save for retirement. TIAA can help you understand how to create a diversified retirement income plan that protects you against key retirement risks. This webinar will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 10 at 3 p.m. (ET).
  5. Attention to Detail: Financial Finishing Touches for Women
    Am I ready to retire? How do I know if I have enough money? How do I plan my income? What should I look out for as I plan and even after I am retired? Financial success can often complicate your life, and TIAA is going to try to help you answer those questions and more. This webinar will be held on Thursday, Nov. 11 at noon.
  6. Strategies for Staying on Track
    No matter how much or how little money you can save for retirement, it’s important that you start now and stay invested for your future. You can learn how taking smart financial steps today may help lead you to a solid financial future after you’ve stopped working. This webinar will be held on Thursday, Nov. 11 at 3 p.m. (ET).