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Coronavirus and Your Finances

Employees are facing many uncertainties right now. Coping with financial challenges can increase stress and anxiety and result in costly mistakes. This Carebridge presentation will focus on actions employees can take to protect their finances. Attention will be given to common financial mistakes individuals may engage in during times of crisis and how to avoid them.

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Planning with Retirement Assets

Tuesday, October 13 at noon

Your retirement assets will play a significant role in creating your retirement income, however, there are many rules surrounding your use of these assets. When can I start taking distributions? When must I start taking distributions? What happens when I leave them to my loved ones? This TIAA webinar will provide the answers to all of these questions and more.

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Understanding Medicare

Tuesday, October 13 at 3 p.m.

Paying for healthcare in retirement is a critical part of financial planning and it is important to understand how Medicare operates and what choices you have. This TIAA webinar will help you understand some aspects of Medicare including eligibility and what plans are available to you.

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Quarterly Economic and Market Update

Wednesday, October 14 at noon

Take a closer look at our views on the financial markets, including key market drivers, U.S. economy, policy and politics, and investing in public markets. This seminar will also cover the challenges that investors face and how to navigate them. TIAA’s Chief Investment Strategist will discuss economic and market developments that may impact your retirement savings strategy.

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An Introduction to Alternative Investments: Real Estate

Wednesday, October 14 at 3 p.m.

During times of market and other uncertainties, having real estate as part of your portfolio can help provide three critically important investment attributes: liquidity, low leverage, and diversification. This webinar offered by TIAA will discuss the reasons to consider investing in private real estate and provide an overview of the real estate market and its outlook for the future.

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Understanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Thursday, October 15 at noon

You may know about the tax advantages of contributing to a Health Savings Account (HSA), but did you know that HSAs are also a way to save for health care in retirement? This TIAA webinar will help you understand unique aspects of HSAs including how they help account owners to pay for current health care expenses and save for those in the future.

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Thursday, October 15 at 3 p.m.

Are you concerned about identity theft and your family’s security online? TIAA’s Information Security team will discuss how you can protect yourself and your family from cybercriminal social engineering.

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Making Gifts to Loved Ones and Charities

Tuesday, November 10 at noon

You can help to maximize the value of your life’s work and help to take care of your survivors and philanthropic causes with a little planning. This TIAA webinar will review basic strategies for giving to individuals and charities during your lifetime, as well as legacy planning.

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Money at Work 1: Foundations of Investing

Tuesday, November 10 at 3 p.m.

Join this TIAA webinar to discover how you can manage risk versus reward as well as understand the role of investing and managing risks, ways to help accelerate savings and tools that can help sustain a portfolio.

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The Power of Saving

Wednesday, November 11 at noon

Whether you’re the kind of person that lives and spends in the now or plans for what’s ahead, there are always ways to save smarter. In this TIAA webinar, you’ll learn a number of strategies for better managing your money so you have the knowledge and confidence to pay your bills, save for a rainy day and achieve other financial goals.

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Making it Easier for You: Online Tools and Resources

Wednesday, November 11 at 3 p.m.

Save time, better manage your money and feel empowered by learning and using the latest tools, resources and retirement calculators on TIAA’s online platform.

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Retiring in the ‘New Normal’

Thursday, November 12 at noon

We know how important it is to save for retirement. This TIAA presentation brings all of the risks to light so you have a better understanding of what you may be facing and what you can do about it, especially in this new environment. Namely, shifting your strategy from just growing your money to protecting what you’ve saved as it grows. And for those still working, we’ll talk about protecting your income in retirement, by creating a “personal pension” to help cover essential expenses and next steps you can take to help protect your retirement future.

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