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Understanding Medicare

Thursday, March 18 at noon

Paying for healthcare in retirement is a critical part of financial planning and it is important to understand how Medicare operates and what choices you have. This TIAA presentation will help you understand some aspects of Medicare including eligibility and what plans are available to you.

Home-buying 101: A Financial Primer for First-Time Home Buyers

Thursday, March 18 at 3 p.m.

Buying your first home is a big deal and comes with lots of new experiences and expenses along the way. Get expert insights from TIAA on the key steps and considerations for your home buying journey, including the three phases: preparing to search, finding your home, and getting to closing. TIAA’s banking professionals will share actionable information about:

    • Understanding credit
    • Knowing what you can afford
    • Down payment options
    • Finding your home
    • Getting to closing

Social Security Strategies for Married Couples

Tuesday, March 23 at noon

Married couples can take advantage of strategies that may help to increase lifetime Social Security benefits. TIAA will help you learn the basics of spousal benefits, understand the many variables involved in claiming strategies, and how married couples can boost their benefits by coordinating the timing of their claims.

Estate Planning Basics

Wednesday, March 24 at noon

This TIAA presentation focuses on the components of a basic estate plan and strategies to ensure that your wishes regarding assets are met.

Paying Yourself: Income Options in Retirement

Tuesday, April 13 at noon

This TIAA presentation focuses on helping you to understand the rules that govern retirement assets and identify when to consider using different income sources.

Making it Easier for You: Online Tools and Resources

Tuesday, April 13 at 3 p.m.

Save time, manage your money, and feel empowered by learning and using TIAA’s latest digital enhancements.

Quarterly Economic and Market Update

Wednesday, April 14 at noon

Join this TIAA webinar to take a closer look at their views on the financial markets, including key market drivers, U.S. economy, policy and politics, and investing in public markets. This presentation will also cover the challenges that investors face and how to navigate them.

The Power of Saving

Wednesday, April 14 at 3 p.m.

Whether you’re the kind of person that lives and spends in the now or plans for what’s ahead, there are always ways to save smarter. In this TIAA webinar, you’ll learn a number of strategies for better managing your money so you have the knowledge and confidence to pay your bills, save for a rainy day and achieve other financial goals.

W2W Attention to Detail: Financial Finishing Touches for Women

Thursday, April 15 at noon

Am I ready to retire? How do I know if I have enough? How do I plan my income? What should I look out for as I plan and even after I am retired? Financial success can often complicate your life and this presentation by TIAA will to try to help you answer those questions and more.

Making Gifts to Loved Ones and Charities

Thursday, April 15 at 3 p.m.

You can help to maximize the value of your life’s work and help to take care of your survivors and philanthropic causes with a little planning. TIAA will review basic strategies for giving to individuals and charities during your lifetime, as well as legacy planning.

Recorded Webinars:

Coronavirus and Your Finances

Employees are facing many uncertainties right now. Coping with financial challenges can increase stress and anxiety and result in costly mistakes. This Carebridge presentation focuses on actions employees can take to protect their finances. Attention is given to common financial mistakes individuals may engage in during times of crisis and how to avoid them.

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Inside Money: Managing Income and Debt

This TIAA presentation will help you discover how to make your money work harder by using your cash flow more effectively, developing good saving habits and better managing debt.

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The Starting Line: Beginning to Save for Retirement

This TIAA presentation focuses on how to evaluate and manage debt, find additional ways to save, create a budget and begin to plan for retirement.

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Strategies for Staying on Track

No matter how much you can save for retirement, it’s important that you start now and stay invested for your future. This TIAA presentation can help you learn how taking smart financial steps today may help lead you to a solid financial future after you’ve stopped working.

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Money at Work 1: Foundations of Investing

This TIAA presentation will help you discover how you can manage risk versus reward as well as understand the role of investing and managing risks, ways to help accelerate savings and tools that can help sustain a portfolio.

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Lifetime Income: Market Proof Your Retirement

You’ve worked hard to save for retirement. TIAA can help you understand how to create a plan that protects you against key retirement risks as well as helps build a diversified retirement income plan.

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Retiring in the New Normal

We all know how important it is to save for retirement. This TIAA presentation brings many of the risks to light so you have a better understanding of what you may be facing and what you can do about it, especially in this new environment. Namely, shifting your strategy from just growing your money to protecting what you’ve saved as it grows. And for those still working, TIAA discusses protecting your income in retirement by creating a guaranteed income stream to help cover essential expenses, as well as next steps you can take to help protect your retirement future.

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The 411 on 529 Plans

This TIAA presentation will help you learn how 529 college savings plans work and how to invest in one for a child, grandchild, yourself or other loved one.

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Are you concerned about identity theft and your family’s security online? TIAA’s Information Security team presents how you can protect yourself and your family from cybercriminal social engineering.

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