Orange Appreciation Days FAQ

  • Will my available vacation time for the fiscal year be reduced to account for the Orange Appreciation Days?
    No, your vacation time will not be affected by the Orange Appreciation Days.
  • Will my vacation time be charged if I have already requested any or all of the Orange Appreciation Days off?
    Benefits-eligible employees will be paid for Orange Appreciation Days and vacation time will not be charged.
  • If a bargaining unit employee is typically laid off during winter break, as per the SEIU contract, is he/she eligible for the Orange Appreciation Days?
    Yes, all SEIU bargaining unit employees, including all Food Services employees will receive pay for Orange Appreciation Days.
  • How do I know if I am considered essential for the winter break and thus, required to work?
    Managers and supervisors will inform their direct reports of this designation where applicable.
  • If I have to work on the Orange Appreciation Days, will I receive additional time off?
    Yes. You will be credited with an equal amount of extra time off for each day worked to be taken after the Orange Appreciation Days and on or before June 30.
  • What if I’m a temporary employee?
    Temporary employees are not eligible for Orange Appreciation Days and will receive pay for any hours worked during the winter break closing.
  • What if I’m a graduate assistant?
    Departments are advised to follow ordinarily used practices when determining how to pay graduate assistants during winter break. Semi-monthly graduate assistants will continue to receive pay during winter break without disruption. Graduate assistants who are paid weekly will receive pay for any hours that are worked during winter break.