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Dependent Life Insurance for Spouses/Same-Sex Domestic Partners

You can purchase life insurance coverage for your spouse or same-sex domestic partner.  The amount of coverage for a spouse or partner cannot exceed the combined amount of your own Basic Life and Supplemental Life coverage, if any. Premiums are paid through after-tax payroll deduction.

  • Choose coverage for your spouse/same-sex domestic partner at the $10,000 or $20,000 level without providing a MetLife Statement of Health form.
  • Coverage levels of $40,000, $60,000, $80,000 and $100,000 require approval from MetLife.  Send a completed MetLife Statement of Health form directly to MetLife. The coverage will not go into effect until MetLife notifies Human Resources of its approval.
  • Your premium costs are based on your spouse/partner’s age and will be automatically adjusted as necessary during the calendar year to reflect changes as needed.
  • The employee is automatically the beneficiary of spouse/same-sex domestic partner coverage.

Dependent Life Insurance for Children

You can purchase life insurance coverage for your eligible dependent child(ren) in the amount of $10,000. Premiums are paid through after-tax payroll deduction.

  • Available for unmarried children under the age of 26, provided they are dependent upon you for support and maintenance.
  • Disabled children over age 26 may be eligible for continued coverage, if they were disabled prior to their 26th birthday and were previously enrolled in coverage. Approval by MetLife is required. Contact HR Shared Services to request the form, which must be completed by you and your child’s physician.
  • If both parents are Syracuse University employees, both may purchase coverage on the same child and each would receive a benefit payment.
  • Eligible dependents cannot also be eligible for coverage as a University employee.
  • Coverage on a child cannot exceed the amount of the employee’s combined Basic and Supplemental Life coverage.
  • A MetLife Statement of Health is not required to purchase this coverage.
  • The employee is automatically the beneficiary of child coverage.

Calculating Your Cost for Spouse/Same-Sex Domestic Partner Life Insurance

  1. Find the rate based on your spouse/same-sex domestic partner’s age in the chart below (for example, the rate for a 48-year-old is $0.15).
  2. Divide the desired coverage level by 1,000 (for example, $80,000 divided by 1,000 = $80)
  3. Multiply by the rate ($80 x $0.15 = $12).  This is the monthly amount.
  4. To determine the amount that will be deducted from each paycheck, multiply by 12 and divide by the number of checks you receive in a year:

◦Paid weekly over the fiscal year:  52 pays
◦Paid weekly over the academic year:  37 pays
◦Paid semi-monthly over the fiscal year:  24 pays
◦Paid semi-monthly over the academic year: 18 pays

Spouse/Partner Age2019 Rates
Monthly Cost per Thousand
Under age 25$0.05
25 through 29$0.06
30 through 34$0.08
35 through 39$0.09
40 through 44$0.12
45 through 49$0.15
50 through 54$0.23
55 through 59$0.43
60 through 64$0.66
65 through 69$1.27
Age 70 and up$2.26

Your Cost for Child(ren) Life Insurance

The table below shows the cost per paycheck based on each pay schedule.  The cost is the same regardless of how many children you cover.

Coverage Amount
$10,000 per child
Premium Cost per Paycheck
Paid Weekly, Fiscal Year$0.15
Paid Weekly, Academic Year$0.20
Paid Semi-Monthly, Fiscal Year$0.32
Paid Semi-Monthly, Academic Year$0.42

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