Long-Term Disability (LTD)

SU offers a voluntary Long-Term Disability (LTD) Plan insured through The Standard.

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LTD Benefit

The LTD Plan is designed to pay a benefit in the event that an eligible employee cannot work because of a covered illness or injury. The Plan provides that a portion of covered income is replaced and paid directly to the disabled employee. The Standard will pay 60 percent of your insured pre-disability earnings (reduced by deductible income from other sources such as Social Security or Workers’ Compensation) while on an approved disability following a six month waiting period if your claim is approved. The minimum monthly benefit is $100 and the maximum monthly benefit is $12,000. Because premiums are being paid with after-tax dollars, the benefit is not subject to federal tax.

If you elect this coverage after 45 days of employment, you must complete a Medical History Statement [PDF] form and be approved by The Standard before coverage will be added.

Important Considerations for Exempt (Salaried) Employees

SU currently provides long-term disability benefits to exempt employees through its Salary Continuation Plan.

  • For Salary Continuation Plan benefits to be paid beyond 12 months, you must, among other things, receive a Social Security Disability Award (SSDA) by the end of your first year of disability. (Note: it can be difficult to obtain an SSDA within the 12 month period).
  • If you do not receive an SSDA and you are not able to return to work after one year of disability, you are no longer covered under any salary replacement plan from SU.
  • If you do receive an SSDA before the end of your first year of disability, SU’s Salary Continuation Plan will pay 50 percent of your base annual salary minus your SSDA and certain other reductions. Generally, earnings from the Salary Continuation plan are completely taxable.

As an eligible exempt employee, if you are enrolled for coverage under the voluntary LTD Plan:

  • You will begin receiving 60 percent of your pre-disability earnings after the six month waiting period (reduced by any deductible income and subject to Plan limitations). These earnings are completely non-taxable.
  • The definition of disability does not rely on qualifying for a SSDA.
  • Benefits under SU’s Salary Continuation Plan are reduced by benefits paid under the voluntary LTD plan.

Important Considerations for Non-Exempt (Hourly) Employees

Non-exempt employees are covered by New York State Statutory Benefits (if eligible, supplemented by SU) for short term periods of disability up to 26 weeks. If you are disabled and unable to work for longer than 6 months, any compensation will cease.

If you are enrolled in the Long-Term Disability coverage under the voluntary LTD Plan, you will begin receiving 60 percent of your pre-disability earnings after the six month waiting period (reduced by any deductible income and subject to plan limitations) if your claim for benefits is approved. Your benefit is non-taxable.

Your Cost

Monthly premiums for the voluntary LTD coverage are determined by multiplying monthly gross pay by the rates below and dividing by 100.

Monthly Cost/$100 of Covered Pay
Under age 30$0.196
30 through 34$0.235
35 through 39$0.294
40 through 44$0.431
45 through 49$0.647
50 through 54$0.941
55 through 59$1.215
60 through 64$1.264
65 through 69$1.343
70 through 74$1.735
Age 75+$2.646

Rates listed here are based on the 12-month calendar year. Actual deductions from each paycheck will vary depending upon your deduction cycle.

For example, an employee age 43 with an annual gross pay of $40,000 would have a monthly premium of $14.37 ($40,000 / 12 * .431 / 100).

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