Attitude of Gratitude: Leadership Toolkit

Let’s build a gratitude movement on campus together!

The Attitude of Gratitude Challenge is a three-week program that encourages reflection, expression, and mindfulness to boost positive feelings and well-being. Participants will complete tasks and check-ins designed to heighten awareness and enjoyment of the goodness in their lives.

Gratitude at work is good for everyone

As a leader in our campus community, you play a pivotal role in setting organizational culture. Studies show gratitude has positive impacts on our overall health and well-being, which in turn, helps us meet goals, face challenges, be resilient, and inspire others as leaders. The big and small thank yous make a difference in a variety of ways:

  • It sparks positive energy
  • It builds trust
  • It strengthens connections
  • It boosts morale, motivation, and job satisfaction

 The basics

  • The program runs October 30-November 17 (register by October 27)
  • Each week, participants get an email detailing the gratitude theme and task of the week (reflection, expression, mindfulness), followed by an online check-in exercise.
  • A creative exercise at the end of the three weeks encourages participants to continue practicing grateful acts in the future.

How you can help

  • Look for ways to express gratitude to your team, with a few key points in mind:
    • Make it authentic
    • Make it specific
    • Make it timely
    • If appropriate, make it public (Some people get a boost out of being recognized in front of a group; it can make others uncomfortable.)
  • Participate in the Attitude of Gratitude program
    • Between October 30-November 17, send at least two hand-written thank you notes to people who have made a difference for your team.
    • Encourage your staff to participate
    • Register for the challenge yourself and participate alongside your team

Take the next step

  • To register, visit and click on the register now button.
  • All registrants will receive two thank you cards; to request additional you may contact the Wellness Initiative at or 315.443.5472

Thanks for your help – we couldn’t do it without you!