WorkLife Learning Opportunities

Spring 2020 Webinar Series!

Each month, Carebridge will be offering a featured webinar on a variety of WorkLife topics. If you are looking for monthly tips on pertinent WorkLife topics to help you successfully manage life outside of work, bookmark this page and check out each month’s feature!  You can log-in and watch on your own time. All webinars are one-hour long and closed captioned.

De-Stress and Re-Energize After Work

Your time away from work each day and during vacation is intended to give your body and mind a break from being overburdened with stress. However, in a world of overstimulation and continuous opportunities for staying connected, many employees find it difficult to rest and relax. This presentation will present key strategies to help you use your time away from work to reduce stress and to re-energize.

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What Do Stress and Diet Have in Common?

Learn how stress plays a part in your health status, contributing to inflammation and weight gain. Hormones released during constant stress could be behind your weight gain or prevent you from losing weight. Cortisol is one hormone that has many jobs including maintaining blood pressure and carbohydrate metabolism. During times of stress cortisol stays elevated causing an impact on weight gain. Stress, inflammation, and diet play together and could be helping us hold on to that unwanted weight.

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Eat Your Way to Better Health

The food we eat has a bigger impact on our health than almost any other factor. Yet in today’s environment of minimal time and super-sized portions, and with conflicting reports about what is and is not healthy, many of us struggle to get the nutrients we need to thrive. During this presentation, we’ll take the guesswork out of healthy eating and provide simple, sustainable strategies that can be incorporated into even the busiest lifestyles. Whatever your health-related goals might be, this session will empower you with resources and information to help you lead the longest and healthiest life possible.

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