BMW Programs

Our program provides active hands-on and minds-on experiences that help develop appropriate practices for the whole child.  Every classroom provides an optimal environment that guides each child to engage in rich opportunities to explore, experiment, create, build and interact in their play. These experiences that the child enjoys with peers and caring teachers provide them the growth opportunities they need to stage appropriate skills.

Experiences in the following areas are typically offered: blocks, dramatic play, sand/water, art, easel painting, library, manipulatives, writing, woodworking, math and science. The teachers encourage the children to become involved with the activities and to explore and manipulate the materials present. Teachers develop goals for each individual child and for groups of children. The teachers expand on the children’s learning and experiences. Children also have many opportunities to become involved in group activities and projects, which promote cooperative effort and idea sharing.

BMW also encourages parents to volunteer in the classroom, share any expertise to enhance our curriculum, we participate on-campus explorations and community resources to expand the learning opportunities of our children.

The school day includes a work period in which several small group and independent activities are available, and children may choose between various tasks with their teacher’s guidance.