BMW Mission and Philosophy


Our three-fold mission is to…

  1. Provide an optimal, inclusive, diverse early childhood setting for young children of families affiliated with the University.
  2. Promote developmentally appropriate skills in the four core areas: social- emotional, cognitive, language and literacy, and physical growth.
  3. Offer professional training for our undergraduate and graduate students, and support opportunities for research that enriches our early childhood education.


  • Our program is based on a constructivist approach and is predominantly child-directed. Following Piaget’s work, our school emphasizes the interaction of the child with the physical and social environment.
  • Children learn of their world through acting on their world. It is the role of the teachers to support and facilitate this interactive process. The teachers expand on the children’s interests, learning and experiences.
  • We follow a play-based model with open-ended activities that promotes developmentally appropriate best practices for the children.
  • The overall goals for children include encouraging active curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning, developing problem-solving skills, supporting individual creative expression, developing large and small motor skills, promoting cooperative social interactions, feeling part of a classroom community and expand self-confidence and self-esteem.