Project Management Webinars through PMI

The Project Management Institute (PMI) will be offering a few on-line webinars at no cost during the COVID-19 quarantine.

To register for one of these webinars, select the course and add it to a “cart”. In order to check out, you will need to register with PMI (creating a user name and password). PMI is not charging a fee for these three workshops/webinars. There are fees for other workshops/webinars.

Project Management for Beginners

The Project Management for Beginners course introduces participants to the foundational knowledge necessary to join a project team and provides insights into taking steps on the path to a project management career.

Agile in the Project Management Office

The Agile in the Project Management course walks participants through their role as a project management office director and introduces a series of scenarios designed to improve their project management office’s performance using agile principles and processes.

Business Continuity

The Business Continuity course offers information and lessons on rethinking work processes, which may be particularly helpful today as companies and their leaders and workers seek ways to cope with continuing their operations during the pandemic.