No Ego: How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Drama, End Entitlement and Drive Big Results

In this webinar, Cy Wakeman, M.S., CSP, President, Reality-Based Leadership, proposes a radically different approach to leadership. Changing the ways leaders think and the strategies they use in their work is a serious and critical economic issue. A leader’s role shouldn’t be — cannot be — to motivate employees. That is a choice employees make. Instead, a leader helps others develop the great mental processes they need to eliminate self-imposed suffering and choose to be accountable for driving results.

It is time to redefine leadership with science and research, to teach leaders strategies and tools that will actually work in their modern workplace. Leaders and organizations deserve to have a new understanding of what greatness looks like and how it can be fueled. No Ego delivers that call to greatness for all. It provides the roadmap to thinking differently about leadership and employee roles and actually delivering results, not in perfect circumstances but in today’s world.

Wednesday, August 21
001 Whitman School of Management
2-3 p.m.

Maximum number of participants: 50

Facilitated by the Syracuse University Office of Human Resources and brought to you by Human Resources Today and Aggregage.

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In this high-energy session, participants will:

  • Discover strategies for eradicating entitlement with great tools such as the Engaged Action Planning Tool, and the Negative Brainstorming Tool which changes the energy of entire group meetings from “Why we can’t” to “How we could.”
  • Develop highly effective mental processes in their teams that hold all team members accountable to their results.
  • Comprehend a list of questions that can be implemented immediately and used for self-reflection and awareness.
  • Understand engagement from an entirely different perspective, one that is based upon listening to the highly accountable employees.
  • Compelling research showing that current leadership strategic direction and foundational philosophies regarding change management, engagement, accountability and leadership development are flawed and causing significant waste in the workplace.
  • Uncover modern approaches to engagement and change management strategies.