Professional Development for Supervisors


Introduction to Emotional Intelligence for Supervisors

Feb. 9, 2022

This session will introduce the components of Emotional Intelligence, explore the personal and professional benefits of Emotional Intelligence, provide clarity for understanding the connection between Emotional Intelligence and effective supervision, identify the advantages that Emotional Intelligence can provide in the workplace, and provide strategies for supervisors to increase their own Emotional Intelligence.

Managing Your Team Remotely

Next session: TBD

How do we best manage a remote and dispersed workforce?  With the current pandemic, many departments are continuing to support team members with flexible work arrangements, and more staff are working at home or in different locations.

Performance Partnership for Supervisors

Various dates

The Supervisor session is designed to ensure the Performance Partnership process, including both form completion and the subsequent meeting between supervisor and staff member is productive and effective.

Effective Interviewing for Supervisors

Next date: TBD

This session will highlight best practices for making the most of your recruitment interviews including an overview of the talent acquisition process.  Learning when and how to collaborate with the talent acquisition team will help to ensure the best use of resources, facilitating the hiring of top talent.

Introduction to Project Management

Next date: TBD

This session will cover an introduction/overview of Project Management, project teams, budgets and schedules and reporting and project closeout.

Project Management Webinars through PMI

The Project Management Institute (PMI) will be offering a few on-line webinars at no cost during the COVID-19 quarantine. To register for one of these webinars, select the course and add it to a “cart”. In order to check out, you will need to register with PMI (creating a user name and password). PMI is not charging a fee for these three workshops/webinars. There are fees for other workshops/webinars.

Crucial Conversations

Spring 2022 date: TBD

Crucial conversations take place in every organization every day. These are conversations where there are high stakes, differences of opinion, and strong emotion. These are conversations around work quality, time management, productivity, performance, customer satisfaction, sensitive issues, conflict, or a strained relationship, for example. Often, individuals avoid having these conversations or they do not handle them well. Either way, this leads to not getting the results you want.
Whenever you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, it’s likely a crucial conversation is keeping you stuck…

Presentation and Speaking Skills

Are you looking to increase your presentation or speaking skills, or to build and/or enhance your leadership skills?  If so, then consider joining the local Toastmasters group.  More than 300,000 individuals participate in Toastmasters worldwide – it is an affordable, encouraging, and self-paced program that works, whether you are nervous about speaking in public or whether you are confident and looking to increase your skills.  See for yourself by visiting any of the Orange Orators Toastmasters group meetings – no appointment or obligation required.

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