Professional Development for Supervisors


New Supervisor Orientation

Next dates TBD

As a new supervisor to the University or newly promoted supervisor of benefits-eligible staff, this New Supervisor Orientation program will provide you with information on the University and various resources available to help you navigate within your role.

Crucial Conversations

Oct. 8 – Nov. 26

Crucial conversations take place in every organization every day. These are conversations where there are high stakes, differences of opinion, and strong emotion. These are conversations around work quality, time management, productivity, performance, customer satisfaction, sensitive issues, conflict, or a strained relationship, for example. Often, individuals avoid having these conversations or they do not handle them well. Either way, this leads to not getting the results you want.
Whenever you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, it’s likely a crucial conversation is keeping you stuck…

Compensation Overview for Managers

Oct. 10

An important responsibility for Managers and Directors is strategic compensation management. First and foremost this involves reviewing your organizational structure and the various roles needed to support your department/unit goals. Within this, there are several factors to consider including developing positions and managing the related compensation.

Effective Interviewing for Supervisors

Oct. 23

This session will highlight best practices for making the most of your recruitment interviews including an overview of the talent acquisition process. Learning when and how to collaborate with the talent acquisition team will help to ensure the best use of resources, facilitating the hiring of top talent.

Introduction to Project Management

Oct. 31

This session will cover an introduction/overview of Project Management, project teams, budgets and schedules and reporting and project closeout.

Supervision 101

Fall 2019 date: TBD

This session, for supervisors, covers the basic ground rules for transitioning into a new supervisor role. Topics discussed include basic workplace etiquette, dual roles of the supervisor, building trust and engaging staff, emotional intelligence overview, addressing conflict in the workplace, and employee development.

Emotional Intelligence for Supervisors

Fall 2019 date: TBD

This session will introduce the components of Emotional Intelligence, explore the personal and professional benefits of Emotional Intelligence, provide clarity for understanding the connection between Emotional Intelligence and effective supervision, identify the advantages that Emotional Intelligence can provide in the workplace, and provide strategies for supervisors to increase their own Emotional Intelligence.

Preventing Sexual Harassment for Supervisors

Fall 2019 date: TBD

This session is designed to engage participants in discussion around Title IX and Sexual Harassment laws and a supervisor’s role as a responsible person.  This session follows completion of the online module “Harassment & Discrimination Prevention”. Led by Alyssa Campbell, Esq., Director of Equal Opportunity and Inclusion.

Presentation and Speaking Skills

Are you looking to increase your presentation or speaking skills, or to build and/or enhance your leadership skills?  If so, then consider joining the local Toastmasters group.  More than 300,000 individuals participate in Toastmasters worldwide – it is an affordable, encouraging, and self-paced program that works, whether you are nervous about speaking in public or whether you are confident and looking to increase your skills.  See for yourself by visiting any of the Orange Orators Toastmasters group meetings – no appointment or obligation required.

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