Responding to Crisis and Receiving Fulfillment at Work

In this workshop participants will reflect on the important challenges facing society today, explore opportunities for making a positive difference, and examine how to find fulfillment in the work they do. In response to significant crises in our local and global communities, more and more individuals are being called upon to align their personal values with their actions and contribute toward a greater good.

This session will explore and guide participants towards:
• refocusing and recalibrating on intrinsic motivation
• exploring the consequences of personal and public crisis
• a perspective on seeking more than just a paycheck from work and efforts
• considering how to thrive, be well, belong, and make a positive sustained difference in the world

Led by Brian Konkol, Dean, Hendricks Chapel, this session will  be offered Tuesday, March 23 from 9-10:30 a.m.

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