Professional Development for Staff

Current Workshops


Protecting Minors on Campus

Jan. 11 or March 23

This workshop is designed to strengthen the safety of minors invited to campus.

Internal Applications – Projecting Your Best Self Through Your Resume

Jan. 12

As a current staff member at Syracuse University, how are you marketing yourself for an internal position? Whether the position opportunity is within your current department, College, School, or Administrative Unit, or whether it is for a potential change in roles within Syracuse University, it is important to consider some best practices.

Reflection, Renewal, and Our New Normal

Jan. 12

By reflecting on our experiences of loss and life over the past year, together we will discover a shared sense of renewal, both personally and professionally. Since the onset of COVID-19 all have been impacted, both individually and collectively, and this session will encourage participants to embrace a “new normal” that can spark and sustain fulfillment.

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence for Staff

Jan. 13 and March 2

This session will introduce the components of emotional intelligence, including related competencies and strategies for developing emotional intelligence. Gain an understanding of self-management and self-awareness. Learn critical skills for your personal and professional goals.

Managing the Conflict Within – Personal Development

Jan. 20 or March 29

How can a positive environment be created by framing our own actions? Learn about how to utilize an understanding of positive Life Forces and negative Life Forces and 10 natural Universal Laws. Realize what you want and how to create it. This workshop will help you to reframe and refocus your environment into what you would like it to be.

Trademark Licensing at Syracuse University

Jan. 29

Do you use the Syracuse University “Block S” or seal within your communication and/or marketing materials? Are you familiar with the Syracuse University guidelines related to trademarks and licensing? Do you know what is included within Syracuse University trademarks?

Rethinking the Disability Paradigm: The University Community Working Together

Feb. 23

Our socially mediated and culturally affirmed beliefs influence how we think and engage with each other. These largely unconscious beliefs can lead to biases and micro-aggressions that impact others in ways that we may not be aware of or intend. We want you to gain an awareness of your own beliefs and how they influence your actions and the language you use. This is a collective responsibility we all share.

Performance Partnership for Staff

Various dates through 2021

The Staff session is designed to ensure the Performance Partnership process, including both form completion and the subsequent meeting between supervisor and staff member, is productive and effective.

FERPA: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: What You Need To Know

Next date: TBD

The federal law governing student privacy, dictates when and how we may (or must!) share student information. This session brought to you by the Offices of Risk Management and University Counsel will explain the basic rights and restrictions of the law, and answer some very important questions.

A Look Behind the Scenes of Campus Recycling

Spring 2022 date: TBD

Join the SU Sustainability Management group to learn what happens to your recyclables on and off-campus.  This session will reinforce SU’s goals for increasing recyclables on campus and reduce contamination before it is sent to the recycling center.

Remitted Tuition Benefit Information Session

Spring 2022  Date: TBD

This information session is designed to provide an overview of the Remitted Tuition Benefit Program at Syracuse University. Please visit the Human Resources Remitted Tuition Benefit webpage and the Remitted Tuition Benefit Policy for details regarding eligibility.

Clery Disclosure Act Workshop

Spring 2022: TBD

This workshop will provide an overview of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure Act, which requires colleges and universities to report crime and safety information for their campus communities.

Dependent Tuition Benefit Information Session

Fall 2022  Date: TBD

Benefits-eligible faculty and staff with children approaching college age may learn more about Syracuse University’s Dependent Tuition Benefit. The presentation will provide an overview of the University’s three Dependent Tuition Programs (SU Tuition Waiver, Cash Grant and Tuition Exchange), as well as an opportunity for questions and answers.

Writing Skills Workshop

Next date TBD

Are you looking for ways to improve your written communication within the workplace?  Led by Ben Erwin, Director of the Writing Center, this workshop will offer information, insights, and resources to further develop your skills.

Offering New Online Short Courses

Syracuse University is excited to announce we now offer continuing education for working professionals in the form of short courses. These flexible online courses are designed to strengthen your leadership capabilities and expand your expertise, positioning you for success in your career. We currently offer two courses through the Martin J. Whitman School of Business, and one course through the School of Information Studies — both with multiple start dates throughout the year.

Gallup StrengthsFinder Team Workshop

In the StrengthsFinder Team Workshop, we use the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 book and the results from each team member’s StrengthsFinder assessment to discuss how each person can use their top five strengths to enhance their individual and team effectiveness. This workshop will help you and your team identify your strengths and create a culture where strengths thrive.

Presentation and Speaking Skills

Are you looking to increase your presentation or speaking skills, or to build and/or enhance your leadership skills?  If so, then consider joining the local Toastmasters group.  More than 300,000 individuals participate in Toastmasters worldwide – it is an affordable, encouraging, and self-paced program that works, whether you are nervous about speaking in public or whether you are confident and looking to increase your skills.  See for yourself by visiting any of the Orange Orators Toastmasters group meetings – no appointment or obligation required.

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