Professional Development for Staff


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): What You Need To Know

Sept. 23

This is a session for staff who handle and interact with student information. FERPA, the federal law governing student privacy, dictates when and how we may (or must!) share student information. This session is brought to you by the Offices of Risk Management and University Counsel.

Remitted Tuition Benefit Information Session Brown Bag

Sept. 24

Have you been thinking about taking a class? Pursuing a degree? Join us for an information session designed to review the Remitted Tuition Benefit program (available to all benefits eligible employees and retirees) at Syracuse University. Bring your lunch and join us at noon at the Hall of Languages, Room 500.

Protecting Minors on Campus

Oct. 3

This workshop is designed to strengthen the safety of minors invited to campus. If your office invites minors to campus this 60 minute workshop will provide the information you need to keep you compliant and to keep minors safe.

Rethinking the Disability Paradigm: The University Community Working Together

Oct. 17

What do you need to know about disabled students and co-workers? This workshop will answer this question and many more that you didn’t know to ask!

Lunch & Learn: Rethinking Addiction with Dr. Bruce K. Alexander

Nov. 13

The Disability Cultural Center is proud to present world-renowned psychology researcher Dr. Bruce K. Alexander, Professor Emeritus at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Alexander’s pivotal Rat Park studies inspired new ways of thinking about mental health, addiction, recovery, and wellness countering the dominant “medical” or “disease” model. This discussion with Dr. Alexander is open to any faculty or staff seeking to learn more about what addiction is, why it’s so widespread, and how we can think differently about recovery and wellness.

Gallup StrengthsFinder Team Workshop

In the StrengthsFinder Team Workshop, we use the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 book and the results from each team member’s StrengthsFinder assessment to discuss how each person can use their top five strengths to enhance their individual and team effectiveness. This workshop will help you and your team identify your strengths and create a culture where strengths thrive.

Presentation and Speaking Skills

Are you looking to increase your presentation or speaking skills, or to build and/or enhance your leadership skills?  If so, then consider joining the local Toastmasters group.  More than 300,000 individuals participate in Toastmasters worldwide – it is an affordable, encouraging, and self-paced program that works, whether you are nervous about speaking in public or whether you are confident and looking to increase your skills.  See for yourself by visiting any of the Orange Orators Toastmasters group meetings – no appointment or obligation required.

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