Who is eligible to take Paid Family Leave?

Syracuse University staff employees, student employees, and graduate assistants working in New York are eligible if they meet the following requirements:

  • After 26 consecutive weeks of employment, when their regular work schedule is 20 or more hours per week;
  • After working 175 days, when their regular work schedule is less than 20 hours per week.

The use of scheduled vacation time or other approved time away from work including personal days, sick time, and semester breaks when the employee is not working do not prevent these requirements from being met as long as their employment status remained active during that time. Active status would include short work break, but if the employment status is terminated and the employee is subsequently rehired, the evaluation of eligibility would look only at time worked since the most recent date of hire/rehire.

Employees working a part-time schedule do not need to work 175 days in any certain period of time to become eligible to use Paid Family Leave benefits. For example, a student employee who works two days per week during the semesters (approximately 35 shifts per semester), and is not terminated over semester breaks, would become eligible for Paid Family Leave benefits around their fifth semester of working for the University.  However, the rule to determine whether someone qualifies to waive Paid Family Leave benefits is whether they will work 175 days within a 52-week period (see below).

Employees working in California, New Jersey, or Rhode Island will receive benefits according to their state’s paid leave laws. Employees in all other states or who work internationally are not eligible for these benefits.