If I am on-call and have to return to work, will I be compensated for that time?

The Wage and Salary, Overtime and Fair Labor Standards policy addresses this question. The pertinent excerpt is as follows: If employees are called back to work after having punched out for the day, they are guaranteed four hours of pay or four hours of work. This does not include reporting early for their shifts. If employees are scheduled for overtime in advance (i.e., the day before), they will be guaranteed two hours of pay or two hours of work. In both cases, employees must actually report for the work.  If the assignment is cancelled beforehand, there is no guarantee. If there is work available and the employee refuses, the guaranteed minimum is forfeited.

Certain positions may have job-specific on-call information and protocols (i.e., Assistant Residence Directors and Department of Public Safety staff) that will be shared with individuals specifically impacted.