How do employees file a claim for Paid Family Leave benefits?

Employees needing a leave should complete the claim forms found on, and submit the required documentation to support the need for leave to When the need for a leave is foreseeable, 30 days advance notice is required. If the need for a leave is not foreseeable, notice must be given to the supervisor or the Leave Administrator as soon as practical.  If the event was foreseeable, such as an expected birth, a planned medical treatment, or a known military exigency, and the employee failed to request leave at least 30 days in advance, the University can delay the start date of the leave for up to 30 days after notice is provided.

If an employee describes a need for time off but does not expressly assert his or her rights to Paid Family Leave, the supervisor or manager should ask questions to determine whether a Paid Family Leave is being requested, and direct the employee to where the forms to request a leave can be found.