Off-Campus FWS Jobs

Using FWS for Off-Campus Employment

Any student seeking off-campus FWS positions, whether new or returning to agencies that previously employed them, must pick up a FWS Referral Form from HRSES in 210 Steele Hall to present to the off-campus employer. The form indicates the student’s FWS award amount and that the I-9 form [PDF] has been completed with acceptable documentation [PDF].

A prospective student employee should bring the FWS referral form to the job interview. Once the student is hired, the employer completes the FWS referral form and faxes it to HRSES at 315.443.4949.

The FWS referral form must be completed and on file at HRSES prior to a student employee starting work. Hours worked prior to receipt of the FWS referral form are not covered under the FWS program and are paid for by the off-campus employer.

Interested in using your FWS over the summer or during school breaks? If you plan on working at a non-profit agency, you may be eligible to use your Federal Workstudy award. Please contact HRSES at 315.443.2268 or to inquire.

Federal Workstudy Employers

The community service component of the FWS program encourages students receiving program assistance to participate in community service activities off-campus.

FWS community service includes work in:

  • health care, child care, literacy training, education, mentoring, welfare, social services, transportation, housing and neighborhood improvement, public safety, recreation, community improvement;
  • service opportunities or youth corps as defined in Section 101 of the National and Community Service Act of 1990, and service in the agencies, institutions and activities designated in Section 124(a) of the National and Community Service Act of 1990;
  • support services for students with disabilities.

Human Resources Student Employment Services (HRSES) offers a wide variety of community service positions on- and off-campus. Information about these positions is available on If you are an employer and would like to post a position or if you have questions about how your organization can participate, please contact the office at, 315.443.2268, 210 Steele Hall.

Eligible Off-Campus Employers

  • Non-profit agencies and organizations as defined by state or federal law
  • Public agencies, including municipal agencies or county offices, state government agencies and federal departments (other than U.S. Department of Education).

Employer Qualifications

  • Agencies must provide a federal ID number proving non-profit status
  • Agencies must be accessible to the entire community
  • Agencies must be the paymaster
  • Student wages must be paid from sources other than federal monies

Non-Qualifying Positions

  • Positions in non- or not-for-profit organizations that have limits or restrictions (religious or otherwise)
  • Political aide positions
  • Federal, state, or local lobbying positions

Non-Federal Workstudy Employers

As a service to our students and local employers, we are happy to post job opportunities on our job site. If your business or organization would like to post a part-time job opportunity, please email or call 315.443.2268 for more information. We are not able to post opportunities for private individuals.

Questions? Contact HRSES at 315.443.2268.