Managing and Supervising Student Employees

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Posting a Student Job

Interested in hiring a student?  Hiring a student who has a Federal Workstudy (FWS) award is beneficial to both the student and the employer.  HR Student Employment Services is available to assist you in posting a position on  If you already have a Search Administrator account on, and currently post faculty and/or staff positions, you may complete a student search proposal on our job site.  If you are not familiar with the posting process, please contact HR Student Employment Services at 315.443.2268 or email

Hiring Process and Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)

Once you have identified your final candidate(s), the hiring department will complete a new Job Action Notice (iJAN).  Most student employee iJANs will include:

Student Job Code: 7900 for students registered at Syracuse University; 7998 for non-Syracuse University students

Account Code(s): 549988 for Federal Workstudy or 549976 for Non-Federal Workstudy

Current Student Minimum Wage: $11.10 per hour. (Student minimum wage in New York will increase by $.70 each December 31 until it reaches $12.50 per hour on December 31, 2020.) If the hourly wage is greater than $25, Student Employment Services approval is required.  In the comments section of the iJAN, please write a justification for the higher payrate.

Student Employees are required to complete the I-9 [PDF] form to verify identity and work eligibility before being allowed to work. There are no exceptions. The form must be completed in person at the HRSES office, 210 Steele Hall, and acceptable documentation [PDF] must be presented.

Students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible to work in multiple jobs with permission from their hiring managers, and may work up to 40 hours per week.  Overtime is not permitted.

International students are eligible to work in multiple jobs with permission from their hiring managers.  They may work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year, and up to 40 hours per week during school breaks. Overtime is not permitted.

Tracking Federal Workstudy Awards

It is the departments’ responsibility to monitor their student employees’ FWS award balances.  Helpful reports are available in MySlice under the Payroll section of My Reports.  In addition, individual award balances may be viewed in MySlice Payroll for North America, Syr FWS Awards.  The FWS award represents the total amount the student may earn under FWS for that award/fiscal year.  Any unearned award amount is forfeited at the end of the fiscal year.  A student may earn more than their FWS award amount, but their earnings will be charged at 100% to the hiring department.

For more information about Federal Workstudy awards, review the information on the Student Employees pages.