Managing Remotely

5 tips for success

We appreciate all that you do to keep your teams engaged and connected during our current working arrangements. Here are some tips for success as you manage your teams remotely.

  1. Reset Expectations
    • Clearly communication new expectations and goals for how work gets accomplished
    • Focus on results and offer flexibility to team
    • Evaluate work loads and responsibilities. Reassign work as appropriate
    • Identify specific points of contact
  2. Model the Behavior
    • Provide examples on how you’d like the work to be completed
    • Share your experiences with the team
    • Maintain trust by demonstrating and supporting accountability
  3. Stay Connected and Check In
    • Schedule virtual meetings via Microsoft Teams or Zoom
    • Host daily huddle session virtually
    • Provide an agenda for each meeting
    • Use instant messaging
    • Offer encouragement and emotional support
    • Ask for feedback from your team members
  4. Ensure Business Continuity
    • Forward office/department phones appropriately
    • Send voicemails to emails
    • Identify and communicate how office emergencies will be handled
    • Ensure that you have all contact information for team members
  5. Celebrate Success
    • Track results of expectations that were set and communicated
    • Recognize individuals and teams as they reach milestones and achieve expectations and goals
    • Provide opportunities for remote social interaction with your team on calls or as a separate meeting
    • Give a “SHOUT OUT” for individuals and teams for their dedicated efforts

Partner with your Senior HR Business Partner for additional suggestions.