Fostering Civility and Respect

Fear sometimes incites irrational behavior and careless action.  Recently, language has been used that – although fueled by fears related to Covid-19 – is extremely harmful in the way that we move forward with regard to general principles of Diversity & Inclusion – namely, respect and dignity.  Please consider your language when communicating about this pandemic.  YOU have the power to mitigate the negative impact of biased communication

Watch your words

Use the term Coronoavirus or COVID-19: Substituting other terms that imply that a country or group is the “owner” of this virus is misses the mark of truth.  This type of communication will likely trigger xenophobic bias. Recognize that this is a global matter.  Do not imply that this is virus that belongs to a certain country or group.

Be mindful of your distancing

Practice physical distancing not social distancing: Guidelines suggest that we maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from others.  That does not imply that we should become anti-social.  Realize that technology (phone, internet, social media, video calls, and texts) allows us to continue to be social and stay connected with one another.

Don’t look to blame

Refrain from placing blame on individuals that contract the virus: Understand that germs and viruses do not discriminate.  Any person that contracts this illness deserves our empathy and wishes for full recovery.  Identifying a rational for blaming an individual will not help the overall healing and recovery process.

Additional resources

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