Courses is an online video library of courses that can be accessed on-demand to build your technical, managerial, and communication skills.  Log on to using your NetID and password. The lists below represent just a small sample of the available courses that you may choose from.

New to Supervision       

  1. Stepping Up To Leadership by Scott Blanchard
  2. Understanding Leadership by Britt Andreatta
  3. Conflict Resolution Fundamentals by Lisa Gates
  4. Having Difficult Conversations by Britt Andreatta
  5. Coaching and Developing Employees by Lisa Gates
  6. New Manager Fundamentals by Todd Dewett
  7. Developing Your Leadership Philosophy by Mike Figliuolo
  8. Management Fundamentals by Britt Andreatta
  9. Human Resource Fundamentals by Wayne Cascio

Personal Professional Development     

  1. Discovering Your Strengths by Dave Crenshaw
  2. Achieving Your Goals by Dave Crenshaw
  3. Overcoming Procrastination
  4. Enhancing Productivity
  5. Writing Email by Judy Steiner-Williams
  6. Powerless to Powerful: Taking Control by Fred Kofman
  7. Dealing with a Difficult Boss by Todd Dewett

Technical Skills                

  1. Google Calendar Essential Training by Jess Stratton
  2. Power Point 2013 Essential Training by Jess Stratton
  3. Excel 2013 Essential Training by Dennis Taylor
  4. Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks by Dennis Taylor
  5. Prezi Essential Training by Garrick Chow
  6. Outlook 2013: Efficient Email Management by Gini Courter
  7. Office 2013 New Features by David Rivers

Leading a Team               

  1. Delegating Tasks to Your Team by Britt Andreatta
  2. Managing Teams by Todd Dewitt
  3. Thinking Like a Leader by Dave Crenshaw
  4. Managing Team Creativity by Drew Boyd
  5. Leading and Working in Teams by Amy Edmondson
  6. Agile at Work: Building Your Agile Team by Doug Rose
  7. Building High-Performance Teams by Mike Figliuolo

 Communications Skills 

  1. Writing Proposals by Judy Steiner-Williams
  2. Grammar Fundamentals by Judy Steiner-Williams
  3. Writing Business Reports by Judy Steiner-Williams
  4. Business Writing Strategies by Judy Steiner-Williams
  5. Communication Tips by Tatiana Kolovou
  6. Effective Listening by Brenda Bailey-Hughes
  7. Body Language for Leaders by Carol Kinsey Goman

Time/Project Management       

  1. Leading Productive Meetings by Dave Crenshaw
  2. Time Management Fundamentals by Dave Crenshaw
  3. Managing To-Do Lists by Suzanna Kaye
  4. Managing Project Schedules by Bonnie Biafore
  5. Project Management Simplified by Chris Croft
  6. Managing Small Projects by Bonnie Biafore

Customer Service           

  1. Innovative Customer Service Techniques by Jeff Toister
  2. Customer Service Fundamentals by Jeff Toister
  3. Managing a Customer Service Team by Jeff Toister


  1. Up and Running with LinkedIn Recruiter by Nick Brazzi
  2. Performance-Based Hiring by Lou Adler
  3. Social Employees: The New Marketing Channel by Mark Burgess

Next Level Leadership

  1. Leading With Emotional Intelligence by Britt Andreatta
  2. Cross-Cultural Communication by Tatiana Kolovou
  3. Managing Diversity by Catherine Mattice
  4. Business Ethics by Bob McGannon
  5. Building Trust by Brenda Bailey-Hughes
  6. Developing Executive Presence by John Ullmen
  7. Leadership Fundamentals by Britt Andreatta
  8. Executive Leadership Fundamentals by John Ullman
  9. Organization Communication Fundamentals by Brenda Bailey-Hughes
  10. Executive Decision Making by Mike Figliuolo

Stress Reduction

  1. Managing Stress by Todd Dewett
  2. Mindfulness by John Ullmen
  3. Finding Work-Life Fit by Cali Williams Yost