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Special Topic: The 411 on 529 college savings plans

Thursday, May 2 at noon
You can learn all about how 529 college savings plans work and how to invest in one for a child, grandchild, yourself or other loved one.

Attention to Detail: Financial finishing touches for women

Tuesday, May 7 at 3 p.m.
Am I ready to retire? How do I know if I have enough? How do I plan my income? What should I look out for as I plan and even after I am retired? Financial success can often complicate your life and this webinar will try to help you answer those questions and more.

Special Topic: Market-proof your retirement

Wednesday, May 8 at noon
In retirement—and the years leading up to it—protecting your savings becomes just as important as growing it. Join us to learn how to create your own personal pension with TIAA Traditional, offered by Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA).

Healthy Numbers: Integrating healthcare into your retirement plan

Wednesday, May 8 at 3 p.m.
You can learn and plan for the cost of healthcare in retirement, including supplemental insurance, and the real benefits and costs of Medicare.

Halfway There: A retirement checkpoint

Thursday, May 9 at 3 p.m.
You can give yourself a mid-career financial checkup to evaluate your current savings, formulate a plan to help pursue your savings goals and manage competing financial priorities.

Special Topic: Understanding Medicare

Tuesday, May 14 at noon
Paying for healthcare in retirement is a critical part of financial planning and it is important to understand how Medicare operates and what choices you have. This webinar will review aspects of Medicare including eligibility and what plans are available to you.

Money at Work 2: Sharpening investment skills

Tuesday, May 14 at 3 p.m.
Feel more secure in your savings strategy by verifying you’re on the right track. And if you’re off track, know what adjustments you need to make. Learn how to plan your investments and hold on to as much of your nest egg as possible.

She’s Got It: A woman’s guide to saving and investing

Wednesday, May 15 at noon
You can discover saving and investing strategies developed especially for women and how you can put them into action.

Special Topic: Demystifying life insurance

Thursday, May 16 at noon
Life insurance can play a critical role in your financial plan. You can learn how much you may need, what types exist, how much you can afford and much more.

Special Topic: Estate planning basics

Tuesday, May 21 at noon
Ensuring that our assets will pass to loved ones and causes that are near and dear is important to most of us. Discover the basic estate planning components and strategies to ensure that your wishes are met.